What show is director Lee Philips in?

In some series, Philips was both in front and behind the camera!


Lee Philips is known for his directing contributions to classic television, most notably for directing several-dozen episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, a handful on The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Doris Day Show, just to name a few. 

He also was a solid actor, appearing in several movies and classic TV staples beginning in the mid Fifties to the mid Seventies, with several stops along the way. From anthology to legal dramas to sitcoms, Lee Philips could be seen all over classic TV. 

Can you place this character actor in the right show?

Good luck! 

  1. In this show, later in his career, Lee Philips plays the role of a minister. What show is it?
  2. In what Western does Philips' character fight in the pouring rain during a thunderstorm?
  3. What about here? What Western is he in here?
  4. Do you recognize him in this shot? What show is this?
  5. Here he checks into a resort in...
  6. What about here?
  7. In what anthology show is Philips in, playing the role of Ben Conan?
  8. Here, Philips' character Alan Ransome, fiddles with his watch as his patience dwindles. What show is this?

What show is director Lee Philips in?

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MikefromJersey 5 months ago
"You got 6 out of 8"
He was really good in the Twilight Zone episode with the actress who was actually an ancient
Egyptian who looked 35 with a daughter who looked 80.
Terrence 17 months ago
I don't know this person.
All guesses
MarkSpeck 18 months ago
5 out of 8. Guessed on some. I knew he'd appeared on both Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, as well as The Fugitive...I got that one right because his fellow guest star Susan Oliver was also in the pic. And I made a good guess on the first one...I knew he directed some Waltons episodes, so it was more than likely he'd cast himself in a role.
Wendy57 18 months ago
Total-Lee guessed on all but the first one. I thought that I recognized the house behind him.
CaptainDunsel 18 months ago
Not much Lee-way on this one.
Catman 18 months ago
That was painful. I didn't even know the ones I got right.
tnminnow Catman 18 months ago
Me too
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