What movies were these Beverly Hillbillies actors in?

Let's see how well you know the hillbillies outside their classic characters.

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When the Clampetts weren't bringing true hillbilly fashion to Beverly Hills, they starred in films. Except, they weren't the hillbilly characters fans adored them as. From the prominent cast members to those seen numerous times on the show, can you guess which movies they were in?

Let's see if you can ace this quiz. Good luck!

Note: Some movie roles were before, during or after the show aired.

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  1. What movie was Buddy Ebsen (Jed Clampett) in?
  2. What movie was Donna Douglas (Elly May Clampett) in?
  3. What movie was Irene Ryan (Granny) in?
  4. What movie was Max Baer Jr. (Jethro) in?
  5. What movie was Raymond Bailey (Mr. Drysdale) in?
  6. What movie was Nancy Kulp (Jane Hathaway) in?
  7. What movie was Harriet MacGibbon (Mrs. Drysdale) in?
  8. What movie was Bea Benaderet (Cousin Pearl) in?

What movies were these Beverly Hillbillies actors in?

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