How well do you remember the time Naomi nearly left Vinton for a rich man?

Naomi had to make a tough decision in this dramatic, rich and hilarious episode.

It's safe to say Mama wasn't the biggest fan of Naomi Harper. Of course, she loved her because she's married to her son, Vinton, but like her? Or get along with her? Not too much. 

Mama nearly didn't have to deal with Naomi anymore, as her ex-husband came running back, now a rich man, to try and get Naomi to leave Vinton and take him back. Leonard Oates is her ex-husband, played by country singer-songwriter Jerry Reed. 

How well do you remember the episode "The Return of Leonard Oates?" Take this quiz and find out!

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  1. Naomi reveals that Vinton is her _____ husband.
  2. When Naomi's ex-husband shows up, now a rich man, how much does he say he's worth?
  3. In what business did Leonard make his fortune?
  4. Trying to impress Leonard when he shows up at the Harper house, where does Naomi say the family is going, even though they all look like this:
  5. What is in the present that Leonard brought with him to the Harper household?
  6. After Leonard leaves the Harper household, why does Mama give Naomi this look?
  7. When Leonard says "Looks like the best man won," who is he referring to?
  8. After Leonard heads back to Florida, what game do Mama, Fran, Vinton and Naomie all play together?

How well do you remember the time Naomi nearly left Vinton for a rich man?

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GEMof72 24 days ago
Couldn’t stand Naomi’s character. I was hoping she’d leave with The Worm King.
GEMof72 GEMof72 24 days ago
8/8 & if you don’t watch, why be negative & comment? 😒🙄
Wendy57 28 days ago
One of my favorite episodes.
Always liked Jerry Reed.
When Mana said, “ Where’d you get that jacket ?” “ Was Geronimo having a garage sale ?” Classic !!!!!
Wendy57 Wendy57 28 days ago
Mama not Mana. Darn these fingers on the keys.
vinman63 28 days ago
The Iona and Bubba era was the best.
Coldnorth 28 days ago
So low I am too embarrassed to admit my score. I love MaMa’s family
FredGoss88 Coldnorth 22 days ago
I do, too...and I only got 1. ☹
Coldnorth FredGoss88 22 days ago
I say we will score higher on the next Mama Family quiz.. I think we can…I think we can.
Maverick66 29 days ago
Can't remember something that I never watched.
Hollie Maverick66 29 days ago
then why are you here ? i love this show and never miss it
Maverick66 Hollie 29 days ago
To each his own. I'd like to see this show go away in favor of something better. If you read all the comments, you'll see there are others who don't like it either.
Because we love MeTV 🥰
teire 29 days ago
6/8, all guesses, did not and do not watch.
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