Can you name these boyfriends of Elly May Clampett?

Dates for Elly May came out of the woodwork. Sometimes literally.

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Elly May Clampett has been set up for dates more than a few times with hopes that the next one would be the one. Well, at least Granny hoped so. 

Granny and Jed frequently set his youngin' Elly May up with a number of blind dates on The Beverly Hillbillies. Some were big Hollywood names, some were beatniks, some were even in the Navy. 

Can you name all of these boyfriends or boyfriend-hopefuls of Elly May Clampett?

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  1. What is this movie star's name that, according to Granny, "broke" Elly May's heart?
  2. This man is another actor, who was a potential candidate for Elly May. Can you remember his stage name?
  3. This is the stepson of Mr. Drysdale, who is set up as a blind date for Elly May. What is his name?
  4. Granny wants Elly May to marry this man, the son of a Mr. Short. Do you recall his name?
  5. This is...
  6. What is the name of this man, who meets Elly May after his twin brother tried to date her, even though he was married!
  7. Jed tries to set Elly May up with this man. His name is mixed and jumbled up several times. What is his actual name?

Can you name these boyfriends of Elly May Clampett?

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RedSamRackham 7 months ago
* Fred Penrod was Bobs Watson best known as Pee Wee in classic movie Boys Town!
vinman63 10 months ago
Jane Hathaway would be more challenging.
phritzg 10 months ago
I only missed the Beau Short question; I thought his name was Luke, but I think Luke was his father in the series. Robert Easton, the actor who played Beau, was born not too far from me, in Milwaukee, and he was a leading dialect coach in Hollywood for many decades, according to his Wikipedia page
kilimanjaro 10 months ago
I'd take her at that age if she was available. I don't care if she can cook or not. That was such a ridiculous idea that she could not get a man because of her cooking. Along with Ginger and Mary Ann they were the 3 most beautiful TV characters ever, 4 if you count Barbara Eden as Jeannie! 60's sitcoms should be packaged and a new cable channel called Estrogen TV should show them. Throw in Agent 99 Barbara Feldon, Melody Patterson, Goldie Hawn on Laugh In, Elinor Donahue from Andy Griffith as Elly Walker, and many others. What a decade!
BuckeyeBeth 10 months ago
5/7. I was doing so well on my complete guesses but then blew the last two.

I’m not sure what I saw him in first but whenever I see Robert Easton (Beau Short #4) I automatically think slow-talking creepy dude. Whatever it was he must have played it well lol!
dodgebob 10 months ago
4/7, I thought sure that my name and likeness would've come up.
bruceisloose 10 months ago
6/7 Dang. Missed Beau Short. The rest were pretty easy cause I got me a second grade education.
dodgebob bruceisloose 10 months ago
Use lucky, I never learnded my gozinta's, wouldn't wake up @ sleepy time time cuz I took a shine to grannies shine.
JHP 10 months ago
5/7 (counted right this time:))

#7 looks familiar (maybe dennis the menace?)
BuckeyeBeth JHP 10 months ago
His name is Bobs Watson. Yes, Bobs. Childhood nickname according to IMDb. He’s been in quite a few things so your best bet is to go to IMDb and scroll down his credits.
JHP BuckeyeBeth 10 months ago
Thanks for the quickie info:)
JeffPaul76 10 months ago
"You got 6 out of 7 correct!" ----------Did you get a real hard hug from this quiz? ----I got #4 wrong.
teire 10 months ago
3/7. I knew three, the rest were bad guesses.
richardkel 10 months ago
7/7. Almost second guessed myself on the last name for #5.
Wendy57 10 months ago
Missed #5 the beatnik.
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