What kind of products did these popular 1950s brands make?

Do you know the difference between Ipana, Pi-Li and Puss 'N Boots?

We were flipping through some old magazines from the Eisenhower era. It's one of our favorite ways to pass the time. The fashions, the photos, the recipes — it's an easy portal back in time.

Of course, those midcentury magazines were also filled with advertisements. Many of them seemed to be for ketchup, for some reason. Anyway… most of the brands would be familiar to families today. Some grocery staples have stood the test of time.

But there were also dozens of brands we had totally forgotten about. Some vanished long ago. Others have simply been overshadowed over the decades. 

Here are 1950 popular brands that popped up in numerous magazines of the 1950s. See if you can remember what products were attached to them! Good luck! If you can get more than 10, you are a true pop culture expert.
  1. What was in a tube of Ipana?
  2. What would you find inside a can of Treet?
  3. What would you wash with Lavoris?
  4. In the 1950s, Canada Dry rolled out its Spur. What was the flavor of this soft drink?
  5. Mum was the word… but for what?
  6. What came in a can of Puss 'N Boots?
  7. A young Mary Tyler Moore once starred in commercials for Hotpoint. What would you buy from the company?
  8. What did Cameo make?
  9. What would you shake from a can of Ac'cent?
  10. What in market did White King rule?
  11. Ping, Pong and Pi-Li were fun to say. But what were they?
  12. You could find a Tussy ad in just about every women's magazine. What did it make?
  13. What was in a box of Rit?
  14. What was Sucaryl?
  15. Finally, what kind of product would a company named Rust Craft make?

What kind of products did these popular 1950s brands make?

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RedSamRackham 9 months ago
* Perfect 15 of 15! Cheated Googling many of them.
Donnajean 12 months ago
14/15…. I grew up in the 50’s & 60’s…. But I don’t remember a “Rust Craft” brand. Sounds more like some sort of household cleaner rather than a greeting card…
Lacey 13 months ago
13/15 which is not too bad as I am nowhere near the 50s. I was amazed at how many of these I knew at once and the two I have never even heard of.
musicman37 13 months ago
12/15, and I wasn't even born until 1959.
AndreaZ 13 months ago
Worked at a family restaurant in the 80s and we put Accent (MSG) in a lot of things like sauces, gravies, and soups. I particularly remember the lobster bisque getting a heavy dose of it.
AndreaZ 13 months ago
Only 10 out of 15. But some of these are still around, like Hotpoint, Rit, Armour Treet (I sometimes see these at Big Lots), Accent, and maybe Tussy.
WylmaHarmon 13 months ago
I got 14 out of 15. The one that got me rust craft.
LH 13 months ago
14/15 I missed the last one!
AnnieM 13 months ago
I'd never heard of 'White King', but thanks to 'Mad Men' I knew that Cameo was a brand of stocking. And to this day I still wonder why that deodorant was named 'Tussy', when the first thing it makes you think of is 'hussy', not the most flattering word around. 😆
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