What is Hoss eating in Bonanza?

The middle Cartwright brother had an appetite as big as the Ponderosa!

Dan Blocker was the perfect actor to play Hoss Cartwright. His imposing figure gave the middle Cartwright brother a strong presence while his jovial personality meant Bonanza could pull off scenes with heart and humor.

It’s no surprise that the gentle giant of the Ponderosa had an immense appetite, and his ability to clear his plate (well, many plates) factored into a few classic episodes.

Here are ten memorable Hoss meals from Bonanza. Can you guess what he’s eating in each image?

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  1. While going along with one of Joe's schemes, Hoss was shocked to learn he had to eat...
  2. Hop Sing caught Hoss sneaking a bite of what dessert?
  3. Hoss fed a lost little girl some warm...
  4. The whole table watched Hoss show his "gastronomic appreciation" while chowing down on what?
  5. Hoss tried to resist taking a bite of some delicious...
  6. Someone pulled a prank on Hoss by putting what in his bed?
  7. Hoss was confused on how to eat which food he had never heard of?
  8. Hoss was shocked to learn the meat he thought was chicken was actually...
  9. Hoss entered a contest eating what?
  10. Let's wash all this food down with a drink! Hoss almost sneezed after gulping what?

What is Hoss eating in Bonanza?

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DiscoDave 21 months ago
I refreshed the list after reading my incorrect answers and got 10 out of 10

musiclady1170 21 months ago
I figured Hoss would have eaten rabbit before -- especially out on the trail, camping. Heck, I ate fried rabbit a couple of times as a kid on Grandpa's ranch in Texas.
russhowe57 22 months ago
4 out of 10. About what I expected
gockionni 22 months ago
8/10 - all I know is, this quiz made me hungry!
JERRY6 22 months ago
6 of 10 failed hoss eating 101
RichLorn 22 months ago
Hoss was hungry enough to eat a hoss. (horselaugh)
grandpa5741 22 months ago
6 of 10, not the boss man here, almost “hoss”tile
Douglas 22 months ago
3/10! missed numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7. blech.
MikefromJersey 23 months ago
8 for 10.
Ironically, "Hop Sing" was the most erudite and best educated person on Bonanza.
He spoke many languages and was an intellectual. In later years when armed
terrorists tried to hijack the jet he was on, he fought them and got shot.
No wonder Hoss would always back down when Hop Sing got mad at him.
Victor Sen Yung later appeared on To Tell The Truth, and despite being
on the number one show on TV for years, none of the panel could pick
him out! He also had a very long career in the movies.
I still can't figure how they didn't recognize him.
dekane54 23 months ago
I really like Bonanza but I don't watch it over and over like I have some of the other old ones. I only got five out of 10 right this time, nothing to brag about!
jtrain 23 months ago
7/10, got the first 3 wrong.
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