We want your Christmas treat opinions!

Tell us which of these foods and drinks you like!


O' Christmas treats, O' Christmas treats! Some are good and some naaaaaa-sty! 

We want to know which of these traditional Christmas foods you love and which give you the Yuletide yuck. Be sure to share your thoughts and memories in the comments section down below!

  1. Stuffing
  2. Eggnog
  3. Candy canes
  4. Gingerbread cookies
  5. Hot chocolate
  6. Cranberry sauce
  7. Roast beast (you know, from Whoville!)
  8. Turkey
  9. Sugar cookies
  10. Pizzelles
  11. Mulled wine
  12. Hot buttered rum
  13. Fruit cake
  14. Apple cider
  15. Seven fishes
  16. Christmas ham
  17. Chestnuts, roasted on an open fire
  18. Figgy pudding
  19. Sweet potato casserole with marshmellows
  20. Oyster stew

We want your Christmas treat opinions!

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WGH 6 months ago
The Feast of The Seven Fishes has religious significance. I don't think it should be on this list. I would Hazard I guess that most people who said yuck didn't realize this.
LoveMETV22 WGH 6 months ago
Has a connection but doesn't necessarily have to be religious in observance.
As for Ham, it's "Ham" Christmas or not.
Lynn 6 months ago
70% - although had there been a box for "meh", I think my score would have been more realistic. I can pass on a lot of this, but I don't truly hate it, either.
vg2023 6 months ago
7 fishes is an Italo Americano thing. Pizelles tend to come in certain kinds but tend to be dry.
Jasmine23 6 months ago
You would love Pinellas if you tried them , they're a cross between a thin waffle and a crisp cookie with powdered sugar sprinkled on them! And what the heck is foggy pudding?
vg2023 Jasmine23 6 months ago
Pizzelles sandwiches with vanilla ice cream.
soonersjlg Jasmine23 6 months ago
That sounds amazing. I'm going to have to try it. Never had it before.
RedSamRackham 6 months ago
* Fruitcake okay if dunked in coffee or soaked with rum!
RedSamRackham 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
vg2023 RedSamRackham 6 months ago
FRUIT Cake is already saturated in Rum.
WGH vg2023 6 months ago
That's the joke.
GTStang08 6 months ago
85% similarity here. You know, no matter how often we hear Bing Crosby or Dean Martin singing about that figgy pudding, it's apparent that it's not liked by most.
WGH GTStang08 6 months ago
I'll bet most people that said yuck have never tasted it.
GTStang08 WGH 6 months ago
Perhaps that is true. I chose "Yum". I remember reading about the ingredients several years ago, and I liked what I saw. Unlike most, I love a good fruitcake and will eat it beyond the Christmas Holiday. In fact, I made one from scratch several Christmases ago, and those who were adamant fruitcake haters, liked "that one", a lot!...lol They literally couldn't believe it was homemade, by me. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year!
MikefromJersey 6 months ago
"70% similar to the most popular responses"

Anybody who ever spent a cold winter's night in the Quebec outback could never vote against
hot buttered rum or mulled wine. Throw in a roaring fireplace and bob's your uncle.
(80% similar)
Never had many of the items on this poll, not even the hot buttered rum or mulled wine. Had to look up what pizzelles & 7 Fishes are.
Geez, I need to get out more. 😄🍷🥃🍻🥂
Wenatchee7 6 months ago
65% so it seems most of us don't like MeTV's Christmas dinner offerings.
KawiVulc 6 months ago
85% but that last one... I'd fight Dino for his Dino Chow before I'd eat that.
BuckRogers 6 months ago
Eggnog is much much better with generous portions of brandy.
MikefromJersey BuckRogers 6 months ago
Truly you are a wise man.
IndianaRockz BuckRogers 6 months ago
I've never had "real" eggnog, only tasted the kind in a carton from the food store.
gockionni 6 months ago
80% - but what pray tell are pizzelles? And really?? Only 18% find oyster stew to be yum!? Oyster anything is awesome!!
WGH gockionni 6 months ago
But it doesn't really go with other Christmas food. Not associated with the tradition in most families. That's all. It is awesome.
gockionni WGH 6 months ago
Yeah, I suppose, since most families don’t live in the PNW. But many of us who do incorporate all kinds of seafood as part of our Christmas meal traditions. Oysters, shrimp, halibut, squid, octopus, salmon, crab…
Gossemer 6 months ago
Pizzelles = yuck!, scandalous!. My Grandma made them with anise, or coffee, or vanilla. Ah man they were magic with espresso.
Coldnorth Gossemer 6 months ago
Oh now I know what they are…. Yummmmm
Zip 6 months ago
75% similar.

Just to clarify on one of those. I like eggnog, but only in limited amounts. That taste gets old pretty quick.
Coldnorth Zip 6 months ago
I’ve never tasted egg nog just the name of it makes my stomach feel yucky
Hollie Coldnorth 6 months ago
me either i dont even eat eggs loll
Coldnorth Hollie 6 months ago
I like boiled eggs, fried, deviled eggs. But cannot eat raw eggs or eggnog
WGH Coldnorth 6 months ago
With all that sugar in it, you can't even taste the egg. They just makes the drink smoother. And gives it a slight yellow color. It's basically milk, sugar, and cream with a little bit of pasteurized raw egg
Coldnorth WGH 6 months ago
Thanks for the information. I like learning new things. Especially when it comes to food I haven’t tasted before, but think I won’t like it.
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