We can guess your generation based on your fashion opinions

We're going to make a clothes call.

The width of your tie is like the rings in a tree trunk. Fashion changes over the decades, and so too do opinions. Not just on style, but when it comes to which clothes are appropriate for which occasions. 

We believe we can guess your generation based on how you answer these 16 quick questions. Or, at least, the generation in which you belong.

Let's get dressed up!

  1. Would you ever wear sweatpants out in public?
  2. Pick the neck tie width that looks best with a suit.
  3. Which prom dress looks more appropriate for the occasion to you?
  4. You are wearing a sweater. It gets warm. You take it off and tie it…?
  5. Should a man tuck in a button-down shirt?
  6. A woman works as a creative in an advertising agency. Which shoes would she wear?
  7. Should a man know how to tie a neck tie?
  8. Should a man know how to tie a bow tie?
  9. Where should jeans sit on the waist?
  10. Which cut of jeans looks best to you?
  11. Should a woman own a slip?
  12. You get a hole in one sock you like. What do you do with the pair?
  13. Speaking of socks, what color socks look best with athletic shoes?
  14. Should a woman wear stockings with a skirt?
  15. Pick a size of shirt collar.
  16. Finally, is it okay to show off tattoos in an office environment?
We can guess your generation based on your fashion opinions

Your Result...

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remodel18 17 hours ago
It says I am a Gen-Exer. I am 68 so this is way off. I am a Baby Boomer.
ndebrabant 1 day ago
Says I'm a Gen-Xer. No, I'm a Boomer. Be 66 tomorrow, the 19th.

You are Gen-Xer.
You try to keep up with the latest trends, but at this point you're going to go with what feels comfortable. After all, you did live through both the hyper-stylish '80s and the grungy '90s.
JoDeMarc 7 days ago
They say I'm a Gen X-er - I'll be 60 in October......
EllisClevenger 3 months ago
You are Boomer.
You miss the days of men wearing hats. As in fedoras, not ball caps. People tend to look rather slovenly today, no?
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