We can guess your age based on your perfect summer day

What is your perfect summer day?

We all have our own definition of what makes the perfect summer day. Whether it's soaking up some sun, splashing around in a pool, going on a picnic or going for a walk, most of us have some kind of go-to activity during the hot summer months. 

The idea of summer has pretty much remained the same through all decades, however certain things have changed. These days it's not uncommon to see teens and adults alike snapping selfies by the beach or making TikToks at famous vacation spots. Not only has technology changed the way we participate in our favorite summer activities but some activities have changed altogether. 

Choose which answers below match your perfect summer day and we will guess how old you are! What is your perfect summer day?

  1. Your friend surprises you with a summer road trip, where would you want to go?
  2. You're going on a picnic, what summer snack will you bring?
  3. What genre of music are you playing at the cookout or summer road trip?
  4. You're invited to a cookout, what are you bringing for the grill?
  5. It's the perfect summer day outside. How are you spending your time?
  6. You're hot so you decide to go grab some ice cream. Which flavor are you choosing?
  7. Which of these summer activities sound more appealing?
  8. All the phones are out during this summer get together. What are you doing on yours?
  9. Summer fashion is back! What are you wearing?
  10. If you had a summer beach house, where would you want it to be?
  11. It's over 90 degrees outside. You decide to stay in for the day. What are you doing?
  12. Where can you normally be found all summer long?
  13. A friend wants to go swimming. Where would you rather go?
  14. What age did you take your first vacation?
  15. What is your prime summer destination spot?

We can guess your age based on your perfect summer day

Your Result...

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geleta 23 hours ago
I love it when people think I’m half
my age!!’
Chris 3 days ago
The questions were duplicates of each others.
Chris Chris 3 days ago
Everyone is lucky............I never got a response.
nemalki 4 days ago
"We think you're around 45." I'm 44. Very close.
schrasp 4 days ago
Pretty close. I turn 63 In July of next year.
LJSena22 4 days ago
Add 30 years to the guessed age.
hummingbirds 4 days ago
Wow! I’m surprised! You guessed 54 and I’m 60 😳
Bubba77511 4 days ago
Said im 45 and i AM 45 till august 26th so nailed it
cudles41 4 days ago
Why isn't Ed Sullivan show on the schedule anymore?
SheriHeffner cudles41 3 days ago
They changed it to Ed Sullivan Rock and Roll. I don't like it either
cudles41 4 days ago
It didn't even try to guess my age!
TheSentinel 4 days ago
It guessed 45, but it's off by seven years - I'm 52.
K1i2m3m4y5 5 days ago
I’ll take 45 and not even tell you how many years to add!!
missb 5 days ago
They got my age right!! 54😉😊
vinman63 5 days ago
35 lol didn't enjoy life till I became a father at 38
Hal 5 days ago
WOW, this test is way off, however extremely complimentary, thank you! You guessed me as being 25 and I'm really 77 years old. Thank you and have a great vacation!
zman47240 6 days ago
They guessed 35….yeah, right! Try 54 ME-TV.
jimmyvici 6 days ago
35? Not quite. I’m turning 48 in August. 😎
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