Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can pass this vinyl record vocabulary quiz

Do you know dead wax from etched? What about acetate and shellac?

Even with the convenience of digital downloads and music streaming, there’s no replacement for your favorite vinyl record. Younger generations have noticed and helped vinyl regain popularity. But there’s a difference between getting into LPs as a retro hobby and growing up with them.

We’d venture to guess only Boomers can get 10/10 on this quiz. Try to match the right definition to all these vinyl-related vocab words!

  1. Jacket
  2. Lead-in groove
  3. Smaller records were called 45s, which refers to…
  4. Spindle
  5. Etched vinyl
  6. Quadrophonic
  7. Shellac
  8. Dead wax
  9. Sound sheet
  10. Acetate

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can pass this vinyl record vocabulary quiz

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Robert 8 months ago
8/10. Going strong but couldn't make it to the finish line! I blew the last 2 questions. Oh well, fun quiz and brought back some great memories!
megofonz 8 months ago
10/10. Just remember Gen X watches you guys too! Always left out for the Boomers and Millennials.
kirkindog 9 months ago
8/10. Unlike many of my generation, I'm 58, I'll take streaming over records any day!
vinman63 9 months ago
CD killed the vinyl record.
JHP vinman63 9 months ago
its coming back :)
stealth71 9 months ago
Meh. 7 out of 10. I had records but I grew up buying myself cassettes and making flawless mix tapes! Lol so some of the lingo on this quiz I guessed at and clearly guessed wrong!
BrianS 9 months ago
9/10, still have my record collection going back to the early 60s. Never heard "Sound Sheet".
I have the Blue "Blue Elvis" Album, but none with artwork.
Dajj 9 months ago
5/10 Some terms I never heard of.
RichLorn 9 months ago
Is that .... a RECORD?!
(ewwww. That pun even stunk before I typed it)
Nick0 9 months ago
I missed one. I've never heard the term "sound sheet" used before. I have only heard what you described there as a "flexi-disc". Looking it up right now, I see that "sound sheet" is a much lesser used, archaic term for them.
RichLorn Nick0 9 months ago
I remember playing some of those. I just couldn't resist. The sound quality was horrible and the record player arm got a real workout going up and down following the uneven surface.
327053 9 months ago
7/10 not bad for not being a boomer 😃
musicman37 9 months ago
Great Quiz. Now if they'd just get rid of that awful "Sventoonie" on Saturday nights, I might tune back in.
RichLorn musicman37 9 months ago
Buy some cheap rubber chickens on Amazon and throw them at the TV screen. That always gives me a feeling of satisfaction.
Rob musicman37 8 months ago
I don’t care for Sventoonie either. I don’t find it funny or entertaining, I just don’t get it.
JaneJeffer 9 months ago
9/10 but I'm not a boomer, just the child of baby boomers. I used to play my Dad's records all the time as a kid. I'm glad they are making a comeback.
RichLorn JaneJeffer 9 months ago
Do you mean dads or records?
JHP 9 months ago
the Split Enz disc


hope this works
Gossemer 9 months ago
10/10 used spend hours spinning records in my room. Hated it when I'd loose the yellow insert for the 45's lol
roratj Gossemer 9 months ago
Ha! I remember
JuggyGales504 9 months ago
I was born (in a crossfire hurricane) in 1963 WHAT does that make me!??
an Xer, a boomer, a shroomer ....
Or probably just a disappointment!
*8 out of 10 >two things I had never heard reference of. But now bc of all the ASSinine registration I was forced to do for a site I will NOW never return to....I forgot what they were 🤔
CynFinnegan JuggyGales504 9 months ago
Another '63 baby here. We're Xers. Embrace it.
ZOSO900 9 months ago
I messed up shellac and acetate.

Millennial here!
Coldnorth ZOSO900 9 months ago
I missed the same 2
kirkindog ZOSO900 9 months ago
Same here.
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