We can guess your age based on your earliest TV memories

Did you first start watching shows in black and white or color? Did you have 3 channels or 300?

Like many other things, how we consume entertainment has changed a lot in the last half century. Ever since the dawn of television, a new innovation occurred at least once a decade, meaning kids born just a few years later had a different experience.

Whether it was switching to color, getting new channels with cable, adding things like video games and VHS players or never knowing a time before any of those, your earliest experiences in front of a television set can reveal a lot about you. Maybe even your age!

Answers these nostalgic questions about your earliest TV memories and find out if we can guess your exact age or if we’re way off.

  1. Was the very first TV show you ever watched in black and white or color?
  2. What type of set was the first television you watched?
  3. What was the first TV remote you ever held?
  4. How many channels could you watch in your earliest TV days?
  5. Did you always have a TV or do you remember the day you got one?
  6. What did you have hooked up to the TV in your earliest memories?
  7. What’s the first television event you remember watching?
  8. Who was a TV hero you admired as a kid?
  9. What kind of snacks did you eat when you watched TV as a kid?
  10. What kind of drink did you sip when you watched TV as a kid?

We can guess your age based on your earliest TV memories

Your Result...

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moax429 3 hours ago
It said I'm 64, but I'm *not* - I'm *59!* Off by five years!
(I was born on April 29, 1962.)
MaryHelen 10 days ago
wow pretty good!! it said 72-- i'm 71-- however 9&10 were forced answers, as we were not allowed to eat while watching tv and we were not allowed to eat EVER in the living room-- no family room for us the non-wealthy!!! apartment dwellers
TheSentinel 10 days ago
It said I'm 56, but it was off by five years - I'm 51. Also, #7 should have had "none of the above" because I never watched the Battle of the Sexes showdown as a kid, and for 9 and 10, I only put down Keebler and PDQ because potato chips and Kool-Aid were not included as choices.
SheriHeffner 11 days ago
You daid I was 56. I'm 58. I loved Bugles but put Space Sticks. I loved Kool Aid but put PDQ Chocolate Milk. I never heard of either of those foods or drinks. I wish you would have put Kool Aid and Lays Potato Chips. We had an outdoor antenna that brought about seven channels from two hours away, plus Charlotte North Carolina. We finally got cable tv in 1982. I bought my first VCR that same year to record my soaps.
Abbadon517 12 days ago
You guys are wrong way wrong but only 5 yrs off. Its easy to guess by the generation of TV. Thanks for making it fun for us old kids
Snickers 14 days ago
Guessed I'm 72, wrong I'm 64.
johnandjean 14 days ago
For me, two questions need “none of the above.”
Abbadon517 johnandjean 12 days ago
Me to. I don't know what whistles and daisies are to eat, I never liked fruit roll ups had to go with cookies I'm 59 not 64
gatorgirl 18 days ago
they were only off 20 plus years! guess growing up poor makes the powers that be here think you are older. there was colored tvs and remotes but we were just too poor to have them. then to have my age guessed at 70 plus is just mean!!
Dajj 18 days ago
They guessed 64, off by only 2 yrs! TV shows were still better then than today. Too much hate in shows today, way one sided it seems.
buddyboy58 24 days ago
You said I was 64.. no I'm 61 born in 1960
Buggiefan 25 days ago
Well you got mine wrong. It told me that I am 72 but I am 56.
sprlntbk 25 days ago
You guessed me 72 and I am 70.
scp 27 days ago
More than a decade off. I think the first three were the most important for their calculations, because all my TV show and food memories are from 70s, but the oldest TV I remember was a black and white Zenith console TV hooked to antenna on the roof, not cable.
shorty251 28 days ago
Wow, they pretty much nailed this one. It said I'm 64... I'll be 62 next month. VERY close.
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