We can guess your age based on your earliest TV memories

Did you first start watching shows in black and white or color? Did you have 3 channels or 300?

Like many other things, how we consume entertainment has changed a lot in the last half century. Ever since the dawn of television, a new innovation occurred at least once a decade, meaning kids born just a few years later had a different experience.

Whether it was switching to color, getting new channels with cable, adding things like video games and VHS players or never knowing a time before any of those, your earliest experiences in front of a television set can reveal a lot about you. Maybe even your age!

Answers these nostalgic questions about your earliest TV memories and find out if we can guess your exact age or if we’re way off.

  1. Was the very first TV show you ever watched in black and white or color?
  2. What type of set was the first television you watched?
  3. What was the first TV remote you ever held?
  4. How many channels could you watch in your earliest TV days?
  5. Did you always have a TV or do you remember the day you got one?
  6. What did you have hooked up to the TV in your earliest memories?
  7. What’s the first television event you remember watching?
  8. Who was a TV hero you admired as a kid?
  9. What kind of snacks did you eat when you watched TV as a kid?
  10. What kind of drink did you sip when you watched TV as a kid?

We can guess your age based on your earliest TV memories

Your Result...

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SheriHeffner 10 months ago
I'm 59. They said 56. I had Kool Aid and I did eat Bugles with dip. But I don't remember Whistles or Daisies. I can only remember color TV and we had one of those Antennas on the roof attached to the chimney. It had a remote that was plugged into the outlet. It was attached to a very long flat plastic wire and the remote was a big round dial that turned the Antenna to different channels.
jeff 18 months ago
56- Right on the money! (For once)
GEMof72 18 months ago
I just turn 50 not 56! 😂
Snickers 19 months ago
Wow really darn close, said I'm 64 and I just turned 65 in March.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 24 months ago
64 - nope, you overshot by 6 years. But now a certain Beatles song will be in my head all day.
PatriciaParker 25 months ago
They aged me by over a decade :( I guess it could be due to being raised by my grandparents.
Margaret 27 months ago
Good guess, but I'm actually 69. I was born July 18th, 1952, and we had a black-and-white TruTone console TV in our house that had rabbit ears connected to it. My favorite singer at the time was Tennessee Ernie Ford, back in the late '50s.
CSkeggs60120 27 months ago
Very close. Your guess is 64. I will be 64 in three weeks...
geobake 28 months ago
they hit the nail on the head, exactly!
TerrenceYoungblood 28 months ago
One number off. They guessed 56. I'm 55
Good job!
KenKnighton 29 months ago
It said that I'm 64 and I'm 64!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 29 months ago
Not too bad, but those last two questions are BOGUS since I didn't eat or drink ANY OF THEM.
moax429 29 months ago
It said I'm 64, but I'm *not* - I'm *59!* Off by five years!
(I was born on April 29, 1962.)
Moverfan moax429 29 months ago
And I followed you on May 6, exactly one week later. Happy belated birthday to us!
MaryHelen 30 months ago
wow pretty good!! it said 72-- i'm 71-- however 9&10 were forced answers, as we were not allowed to eat while watching tv and we were not allowed to eat EVER in the living room-- no family room for us the non-wealthy!!! apartment dwellers
TheSentinel 30 months ago
It said I'm 56, but it was off by five years - I'm 51. Also, #7 should have had "none of the above" because I never watched the Battle of the Sexes showdown as a kid, and for 9 and 10, I only put down Keebler and PDQ because potato chips and Kool-Aid were not included as choices.
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