Can you name all these famous guest stars on Have Gun – Will Travel?

Horror icons, TV detectives and sitcom stars all crossed paths with Paladin.

Like many Westerns from that era, Have Gun – Will Travel brought on many talented young actors in small roles who would later become well-known movie and TV stars. It also featured performers taking advantage of the wider variety of roles on the small screen after leaving the movie business.

Here are 12 famous actors who all crossed paths with Paladin. Can you name them all?

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  1. Who is this horror icon?
  2. Do you recognize the future TV detective behind these glasses?
  3. Which Star Trek cast member is this?
  4. Do you recognize this young actor?
  5. Before TV Westerns, he starred in monster movies. It's...
  6. She played a frontier doctor in two episodes. It's...
  7. Can you recognize this action movie star?
  8. He starred in another Western after appearing in this one. It's...
  9. Do you recognize this Mayberry actor?
  10. This outlaw later become a cop. It's...
  11. His most famous role came over a decade later in the 1970s. It's...
  12. Can you recognize this frequent Western character actor with long hair and a mustache?

Can you name all these famous guest stars on Have Gun – Will Travel?

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Jeffrey 5 months ago
''You got 12 out of 12" ------Were you quick on the draw with these answers or did you take time to think about them? ---I was quick on the draw with some, and took a little time with others. First time I saw this quiz, & first time taking it. And getting all correct. Over a year later.
Pastorgman 10 months ago
Have Answers, Will Travel! 12/12!
ramjack14 16 months ago
12/12 and fast on the gun although Denver Pyle and Hal Smith were lucky guesses.
Dayna 18 months ago
9/12 Well at least I knew Uncle Jesse Duke.
Mob39 21 months ago
You got 9 out of 12. Didn’t recognize the ones I missed
Spitz 21 months ago
Got all of them right except for the last question. Darn you Denver Pyle 😆.
Eurocycleguy 22 months ago
I missed #4 Billy Mumy or Johnny Crawford. I don't think the choice of image is great. I chose Billy and was wrong. According to IMBD both Billy and Johnny guested on Have Gun.
preciouskellylee 22 months ago
11/12 Never watched Star Trek, so I didn't know DeForest Kelly's name
JERRY6 22 months ago
11 of 12 missed Hal Smith was quick on the draw , not quick enough
bnichols23 22 months ago
It wasn't even fair for me to take this one. Could've done it in my sleep.
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