We can guess where you grew up based on your taste in soft drinks

Root beer just might reveal your roots.

Oh, there are so many options when it comes to soft drink. Sugary, diet, craft, La Croix and its ilk… what to choose when you're standing in front of the soda case at the convenient store?

Well, we're betting the cold cans and bottles you grab reveal a lot about your youth. In fact, we think we can guess where you grew up based on what you pick below. Or maybe we're just fizzy headed? See what result you get!
  1. Pick a cola.
  2. Now pick an orange soda.
  3. Now let's go for something ch-ch-cherry flavored.
  4. We're still not refreshed yet. Let's go with something in the lemon-lime or citrus family.
  5. Mmm… how about a frosty, frothy mug of root beer?
  6. Choose an invigorating ginger brew.
  7. Okay, now just pick one from this random assortment.
  8. Finally, a most important question: What do you call a soft drink?

We can guess where you grew up based on your taste in soft drinks

Your Result...

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Caretaker158 13 months ago
I grew up in SC and VA.... but this said New England... yeah, just a BIT off there. Didn't help that I despise root beer, cherry sodas, orange sodas, etc. Give me a Coke or better yet... Faygo Cola and I'm happy as can be. Canada Dry ginger ale or an occasional Sprite or 7 up when I'm sick.

srrainwater 13 months ago
Hell? Cmon guys that wasn't nice
idkwut2use 13 months ago
The south? Nope, New Jersey!
RobChapman 13 months ago
Texas & The Southwest......

Randall 15 months ago
Where I Grew up in the seventies and eighties namely southern NH soda was called Tonic all the old timers would ask me what flavor Tonic do you want Randall they guessed where I grew up perfectly!
EllisClevenger 33 months ago
You grew up in The Midwest
Lucky Midwesterners grew up with many regional favorites. From Redpop to Rock N' Rye, everyone Michigan has a favorite Faygo. Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Green River flows — and not just on St. Patrick's Day.
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