We bet we can guess which year you graduated high school

Were you class of '68, '16 or somewhere in between?

Pop quiz! We bet we can guess when you graduated based on these eight questions. 

Will we ace this assignment or flunk the course? Take the quiz and find out.
  1. Which song reminds you of high school?
  2. Pick a TV show:
  3. Who was President while you were in school?
  4. Choose a city:
  5. Was your senior yearbook patriotic-themed?
  6. Which awkward school photos speaks to you the most?
  7. What shoes did you wear on the first day of school?
  8. Where did you hang out with your friends to waste time?

We bet we can guess which year you graduated high school

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Ariesmale44 7 months ago
You guys were a year off because I graduated in 1993
Karen 33 months ago
2000? Hmmm... no Reagan there... I'd already had a 3-year-old in 2000. Try 1986! Maybe the shoes threw you off? I didn't wear any of those shoes in high school, but I wore Docksiders (Sperrys) in Junior High, so I chose them. I suggest using the presidents as more of a deciding factor...
Runeshaper 58 months ago
You graduated in 2000
Ahh, the new millennium, when everything felt new and exciting. Kind of like graduating, right? The combination of those two moments made you feel invincible the whole summer after high school, until you were hazed your first week of college.

Super close! Was 2002
Amalthea 70 months ago
"You graduated in 1976". Not even close: 1982. Reagan wasn't president in 1976.
ndebrabant 70 months ago
You graduated in 1968
What a time to be young! Sure, there was a lot of social upheaval when you graduated, but it made you the person you are today. And oh boy, do you have stories to tell.
No, I started High School in 1968. I graduated in 1972.
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