Was this the title of a TV show or classic jazz album in the 1950s?

It was one cool era of pop culture.

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Miles Davis released his groundbreaking platter Birth of the Cool in 1957. He was referring to jazz, but he could have just as easily been talking about television.

Because just as cool jazz was blossoming as a dominant force in popular music, so too were hip detectives, cowboys and comedians turning up on TV. Characters like Perry Mason and Peter Gunn dressed in sharp suits and drove even more beautiful automobiles. Some shows from that era even had a jazzy soundtrack.

Everything was so cool, it can be hard to tell it apart.

We gathered some classic jazz albums and some black-and-white TV shows from the 1950s. We're talking seminal albums recorded by titans of music — no LP on this list is a deep cut. Some of the TV shows? Well, that's a different matter. See if you can sort them out!

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  1. Kind of Blue
  2. Ella and Louie
  3. One Step Beyond
  4. Bourbon Street Beat
  5. 'Round About Midnight
  6. Naked City
  7. Time Out
  8. Climax!
  9. M Squad
  10. The Clown
  11. Circus Boy
  12. Lady Sings the Blues
  13. Pete Kelly's Blues

Was this the title of a TV show or classic jazz album in the 1950s?

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Moverfan 10 months ago
12/13--missed number twelve. Forgot Lady Sings The Blues was a movie, not a TV show.
James9 18 months ago
I can't believe that I got 13/13. All were total guesses. The quiz gods were looking down on me today I suppose.
EricFuller 25 months ago
Pete Kelly's Blues was a movie.
Gary 54 months ago
Born in 57....... Got 7 outta 13
I'll go sit in the corner now😩
EllisClevenger 58 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
You are one hep cat when it comes to '50s trivia! You're cool as… well, Miles.
Missed #8.
Moody 58 months ago
12/13. Not bad for someone born in 1954. My mother liked a variety of music including jazz so I grew up listening it. She had several albums by the artists of the era. One of the shows I remember having a jazz theme was Route 66. My parents watched that show every week.
VenturaCapitalist 58 months ago
Circus Boy was Rin Tin Tin with an elephant.
(oops... make that 13/13)
jholton30062 58 months ago
13/13. "Pete Kelly's Blues" was a great movie with Jack Webb as well.
JeffTanner 58 months ago
''You got 12 out of 13'' -------------You're one hep cat when it comes to '50s trivia! You're cool as well ..., Miles.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 58 months ago
I missed a few, but that's OK. I also learned a few things, such as Micky Dolenz had a TV role before "The Monkees" and Jack Webb had another series between the 2 verisons of "Dragnet". All before I was born. :)
Mickey Braddock aka Dolenz beat out Paul William for this role. Also he beat him out for the role on "The Monkees"
Jack Webb produced the final episodes of 77 Sunset Strip, taking it in a totally different direction: swirling the bowl.
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