Vote for your favorite Beatles ''deep cut''

Because sometimes the best songs aren't the hits.

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According to Apple Music, each of these Beatles songs is a "Deep Cut." So what does that mean anyhow? Well, the Beatles had a ton of hits. But these are the perfectly-crafted gems that are right beneath that best-selling surface. These are some of the songs that aren't Billboard chart-toppers. Some are B-Sides, some are covers, but all are worth a listen.

So tell us which of these less-streamed songs is your favorite. The list is in no way comprehensive, so let us know your favorites that Apple missed! We've gone ahead and excluded the demo versions of more popular songs, but if that's what you love, let us know! Have fun and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  1. Which of these songs is your favorite Beatles "Deep Cut?"

Vote for your favorite Beatles ''deep cut''

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Jerryfan 2 months ago
100 percent for A Day In The Life
shosch 3 months ago
I don't want to split hairs or start any arguments, but "I Feel Fine" and "Ballad of John and Yoko" were both released as singles (and were top 10 on the charts). How do they qualify as "deep cuts"?
George58 3 months ago
I picked "Don't Let Me Down". As of this writing it was in 2nd place at 13%, second only to "A Day In The Life" which was at 14%.
tootsieg 3 months ago
20%. I picked “I Feel Fine”. Love the feedback. The Beatles have so many great songs. Very difficult to narrow it down to one favorite.
Lynn 3 months ago
Yeah. I can understand it out of this list, but even at 2%, "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" was an instant winner for me. I adore that song!
Lantern 4 months ago
Of these listed, Old Brown Shoe is my choice (and my all-time favorite George song). Loved to play that at full volume when my parents weren't home!
Wendy57 4 months ago
My favorite Beatles song is, In My Life.
Not on the list of choices, so I picked other.
Only 20% similar.
daDoctah 4 months ago
Another one that's absolutely a "deep cut" that never got much attention: "And Your Bird Can Sing". About the only time anyone made much of it was when they used it for the closing theme music for the Beatles cartoon.
Lynn daDoctah 3 months ago
Love the harmonies!
George58 daDoctah 3 months ago
I agree with you on "And Your Bird Can Sing". Great song. But, it wasn't the closing theme for the Beatles cartoon, it was the opening theme, where they all flew off in a hot air balloon after the music stopped.
hazy321 4 months ago
1962's hit "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" written by Gerry Coffin and Carole King and sung by Little Eva
ties along with "I Feel Fine" for me.
daDoctah 4 months ago
For what this is worth, the song I kept playing over and over after John was killed was "In My Life". I see the quizmakers didn't even consider it suitable as a "deep cut".
Karellen daDoctah 4 months ago
In My Life is my favorite deep cut Beatles song. Love the original, and Johnny Cash's cover.
Wendy57 daDoctah 4 months ago
My favorite is, In My Life.
Wasn’t a choice, I wonder why ?
Wendy57 Karellen 4 months ago
Love that song !
AgingDisgracefully 4 months ago
Dive deeply, reader.
And welcome to Slaggers!
Bapa1 4 months ago
A Day In The Life is not a 'deep cut'. Was played like crazy on the radio.
Rick 4 months ago
"Norwegian Wood" and "I Feel Fine" are deep cuts?

I love most of these, but chose "other" because I think Revolver's "For No One" is perfection.
daDoctah 4 months ago
I answered "Other". Give me "The Inner Light" on account of its origin; the lyrics are simply a chapter of the Tao Te Ching.
CaptainDunsel daDoctah 4 months ago
That was a Lao blao
McGillahooala 4 months ago
70% similar. I was torn but finally chose A Day in the Life over Norwegian Wood.
retro6 4 months ago
20% drive my car is my chosen deep cut
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