Try to place ''Uncle Joe Carson'' actor Edgar Buchanan in the right show

You may know him as Uncle Joe, but Edgar Buchanan had countless character names throughout his long career.

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We know Uncle Joe moves a little slow on Petticoat Junction, but actor Edgar Buchanan jumped around from classic TV show to classic TV show just fine during his long acting career, one that spanned multiple genres. 

Buchanan was born March 20, 1903 and is likely best known for his role as Uncle Joe from the Shady Rest Hotel in Petticoat Junction, along with the same role reprised in the other Hooterville-universe series Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies

Along with Petticoat Junction, Buchanan had other recurring roles on Hopalong Cassidy and Judge Roy Bean. Sprinkled between all of these shows was several guest appearances. 

Can you tell what show Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction is in? 

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  1. Here he is as Pop Michaels in...
  2. Here, Buchanan's character is named "Pops," and he hitches a ride to California in an episode of...
  3. That is Buchanan's character pointing in what Western?
  4. In this Western, Buchanan's character of Sheriff Hadley gets cleaned up at the barber. What series is this?
  5. This is Doc Burrage from...
  6. In this image, he plays the role of Henry Wheeler in...
  7. Back to anthology, this is Buchanan as "Doc" in what show?
  8. In this show, Buchanan's character gives a couple of young men tips on how to feed an alligator.
  9. In this Western, his character of Dan is passed out on the side of a trail. Can you tell what show this image is from?
  10. In this series, he leads a scaled-back courtroom session. What show is this image from?

Try to place ''Uncle Joe Carson'' actor Edgar Buchanan in the right show

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