Try to match these hats to the correct M*A*S*H characters!

Who knew the Army wore such distinctive headwear?


M*A*S*H earned acclaim for its drama, laughs, characters, plots and pranks. The hats don't get enough credit. The pioneering war sitcom featured a good number of memorable hats, more than most shows, and we're not just talking about Klinger's wardrobe.

See if you can match these hats to the correct character in the 4077.

If you can get eight or more correct, we tip our cap to you!

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  1. Go fishing for the correct answer.
  2. It looked as soft and comfortable as a stuffed bear.
  3. He was a fan of the Mud Hens.
  4. This ten-gallon hat paired with with a plunger.
  5. This childhood toboggan hat brought tears to his eyes.
  6. This is a unique look.
  7. Looks nice with a black turtleneck.
  8. Who wore this hat?
  9. Who wore this hat?
  10. Who wore this hat?

Try to match these hats to the correct M*A*S*H characters!

Your Result...

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ThomasPotter 11 months ago
8 of 10 because every hat I didn't recognize, I guessed
DerekBird 36 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
You deserve to be crowned chief surgeon! Nice work!

Missed #9.
Caretaker245 36 months ago
10/10 I actually have a Jeep cap like the one Radar wore... keeps my head soooooo toasty warm!!!
DylanSelf 36 months ago
Hawkeye had a unique hat in Season 1, similar to the one worn by his movie counterpart.
EllisClevenger 46 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You deserve to be crowned chief surgeon! Nice work!
TimChapman 55 months ago
If you want to get technical ..both Klinger and Potter wore number 3 and Trapper wore number 4, took it off and gave it to Hawkeye in the Officer of the Day episode...Both Burns and Winchester wore a hat like number 10 and Hotlips wore a jeep cap in the episode where she beat up Burns and reclaimed her ruby ring from his footlocker and in the episode "Movie Tonite" all of the main characters wore number 7
GeneMurray 56 months ago
DANG IT. Missed number 9. I could have swore that came from the Klinger collection.
Corey 57 months ago
Only Margaret and the other nurses never wore hats.
Lacey 57 months ago
10/10 I did better than I thought I wold.
Joe 57 months ago
dangler1907 Joe 57 months ago
Wait a cotton-pickin' minute. They gave ME the chief surgeon title for 8/10 !! ;)
Joe dangler1907 57 months ago
I don't get it either! I'm sure even if someone got 0 out of 10, they'd get the same congratulatory message. I think it's like the "participation trophy" that little leaguers get just for showing-up. :)
littledebbie dangler1907 56 months ago
Same here with 8 outa 10
daDoctah 57 months ago
Didn't Klinger gift one of his spring bonnets to Hot Lips like for her honeymoon, after he had given up cross-dressing?
Wiseguy daDoctah 57 months ago
I don't think Klinger stopped cross-dressing until Radar left in 1979. Margaret's honeymoon was in 1977.
djw1120 Wiseguy 57 months ago
Yes, you're right.
Klingler didn't give up cross dressing until after Radar left and he became company "cluck", but he didn't give Margaret any hats, he gave her her wedding dress.
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