How well do you know Andy Griffith's career?

We'll be impressed if you get half of these right!

Andy Griffith was in the acting game for a long time. There's no question that his work ethic earned him a bountiful career that many longtime fans have followed — down to his five-minute appearances on talk shows. Before headlining his beloved sitcom The Andy Griffith Show, the North Carolina native got his start working as a monologist and comedian.

Griffith's first big break came in the form of his comedy routine "What It Was, Was Football," told from the point of view of a naïve country bumpkin trying to figure out what was going on in a football game. From there, it was all uphill career-wise.

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  1. How many characters named "Andy" or "Andrew" did he portray?
  2. There is one made-for-TV movie that takes place in the world of The Andy Griffith Show. What is the name of that movie?
  3. In what year did Andy Griffith make his first credited screen acting debut?
  4. The character of Andy Taylor was introduced on a show other than The Andy Griffith Show. Which TV show introduced the world to Sheriff Andy Taylor first?
  5. As the character Ben Matlock, Andy Griffith had a crossover episode with another MeTV show. Which mystery show had Matlock as a visiting character?
  6. Andy Griffith had a major role in all but one of these TV series. In which one of these TV titles did Andy Griffith NOT have a recurring role?

How well do you know Andy Griffith's career?

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TexasGreek 27 months ago
You got 6 out of 6
You are truly an expert on Andy! Well done!
littledebbie 31 months ago
I only got half of them correct
EllisClevenger 32 months ago
You got 6 out of 6
You are truly an expert on Andy! Well done!
Susan1958 32 months ago
I missed one out of 6 on the andy griffith show ! Yep I loved andy !
DavidBartholomew 32 months ago

Why not ask the first time Griffith and Don Knotts acted together?
Barry22 32 months ago
6/6, but no Rustler's Rhapsody?
cperrynaples Barry22 32 months ago
"Standing in the saddle?" Yep, I remember that one!
Corey 32 months ago
Andy played an old prosecutor in Fatal Vision.
idkwut2use 32 months ago
And I did get precisely half of them right--be impressed!!!
csaaphill 32 months ago
but didn't come here to take the quiz. METV you do know there are color episodes of The Andy Griffith show right?
you keep showing the same episodes all the time why? Same for all the other shows it seems. You only just show a certain type then return to the beginning. Stop doing this play all the episodes not just the ones you want or like. Like the haunted house one the other night then the next one was again the first episode, where Oppey wants to run away and then Aunt Bee wants to leave and he runs out saying she can't do anything so will be lost. But even before Barney Don Knotts leaves the show there are color one so play those too. there are more episodes of Gilligan's Island as well so play those too. I've also seen the ones on The rifleman now about 5-6 times in the last few weeks and months.
Please dangit.
DavidBartholomew csaaphill 32 months ago
Not MeTVs fault. The network buys the package from syndication company. Color episodes are packaged separately.
No. MeTV treats B&W and color episodes equally! You are right about certain restrictions in reruns! MeTV has NEVER run either Danny Thomas or Donna Reed in their entirety for this reason! However, they DO have the complete runs of My 3 Sons & Petticoat Junction!
csaaphill cperrynaples 30 months ago
Then show all the episodes then, and not just ones that are popular. Yeah on my 3 sons although not paid much at watching to see but ok they probably do on those shows, but still it gets old watching just a certain number of episodes then restarting the series again and again, etc...
If they can play them, if not let us know.
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