These Full House episodes are named after famous songs — can you match them all to the right artists?

"Jesse’s Girl," "Luck Be a Lady" and "Baby Love" are memorable episodes inspired by songs recorded by… who?


Full House may be a wholesome family sitcom, but it has plenty of rock 'n' roll spirit as well. There’s John Stamos’ aspiring rock star, Jesse, not to mention the incredibly catchy theme song. A few iconic musicians also guest starred on the show.

Another subtle way the Bob Saget sitcom showed its love for music was through episode titles. Many memorable installments have names inspired by popular songs like “Come Fly with Me” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Here are ten Full House episode titles you’ll recognize as favorite tunes. Can you remember who sang all these tracks?

  1. “Jesse’s Girl” – who recorded the song that spells Jessie a little differently?
  2. “Luck Be a Lady” – famously recorded by Frank Sinatra, it was also featured in which musical?
  3. “Baby Love” – who first recorded this enduring classic?
  4. “Bye, Bye, Birdie” – who sang the title track from this movie musical?
  5. “One Last Kiss” – speaking of ‘Bye, Bye, Birdie’ who sang this song in the movie?
  6. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – who recorded this Eighties earworm?
  7. “Come Fly with Me” – who first recorded this tune?
  8. “We Got the Beat” – who sang this up-tempo track?
  9. “On the Road Again” – who wrote this country classic?
  10. “Working Girl” – three of these artists all have different songs with this title. Who is the only one NOT to?

These Full House episodes are named after famous songs — can you match them all to the right artists?

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Oldielover 28 months ago
8/10....Tripped up by the Birdie....
DianeGoodson 28 months ago
I liked the Full House show years ago. It wouldn't be the same now without Bob Sagot.
mdit21 28 months ago
Let me guess on the musical group who did "Baby Love."
dekane54 28 months ago
7/10 I thought I would do better but 5, 8 and 10 got me
ncadams27 28 months ago
Actually, nothing to do with Full House. Could have been titles to a Leave it to Beaver episode.
LoveMETV22 ncadams27 28 months ago
True, there were shows that named episodes after music titles. Full House wasn't unique in that respect.
Zip 28 months ago
Well, the final score thingy didn't pop up, but I got #3, 4, and 5 wrong. So I guess, if my math skills are working... 7/10.

Love the "Who sang this eighties earworm" question.

Btw, I know that in that title picture Bob Saget is supposed to look like a rocker, so why does he look like somebody's Aunt Doris in that photo?! Anybody else thinks he looks like a guy dressed in drag?
KJExpress Zip 28 months ago
I thought the same thing before I noticed his attire. Still looks that way to me, though.
vinman63 Zip 28 months ago
Danny Tanner should trade that frock for a MuuMuu.
TheSentinel Zip 28 months ago
Danny probably just put on those duds to try (yet fail) to shed his dork image.
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