How well do you know Milly Scott from The Rifleman?

She caught Lucas McCain’s eye the moment she came to North Fork. Test how well you really know her!


When producers decided Lucas McCain needed a love interest, they brought the smart, beautiful and caring Milly Scott to North Fork. Though they got off to a rocky start, Milly caught the Rifleman’s eye right away. Their feelings for each other developed during her time on the show, but neither ever made the first move… or did they?

Test how well you know the memorable Milly Scott from her arrival in town to her emotional last episode. Only the biggest Rifleman fans can get 10/10!

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  1. Who played Milly?
  2. Which business did Milly own in North Fork?
  3. What was Milly’s occupation before she came to North Fork?
  4. Why did Milly start off on the wrong foot with the citizens of North Fork?
  5. How many episodes did Milly appear in?
  6. When was Milly in The Rifleman?
  7. During a bank robbery, Milly was tied up in her own storeroom with which other character?
  8. Mark was smitten with Sally, Milly’s…
  9. What happened to Milly’s brother?
  10. True or false: Milly and Lucas never kiss.

How well do you know Milly Scott from The Rifleman?

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GTStang08 9 months ago
10/10...Lucas stole that kiss!...
garibaldi 28 months ago
5/10. Not bad for never watching the show
Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
8/10 - all guesses and most of them lucky
openwater2 Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
same here 8/10 mostly guesses
Mannixishot 28 months ago
10/10. Must admit I like Milly over Lou and wish Milly had stayed around.
Mirramanee Mannixishot 28 months ago
I agree wholeheartedly! Milly was a much better match for Lucas than Lou Mallory. Lou was too self-assertive and independent (not bad qualities, but not likely to make her a good housewife to Lucas). I can't imagine her giving up running all her businesses (remember that she bought up several places besides the hotel). Lucas would have wanted someone who would stay at home and keep house, maybe have a couple more kids, etc. I just did not ever see Lou Mallory being happy doing that.
Zip 28 months ago
Remembered some of Milly's time on The Rifleman, but not enough.
joseramon1 28 months ago
At my age, 8 of 10 ain't bad!
Filmnoirfan joseramon1 28 months ago
just joined the 8/10 club. At any age, 8/10 is superb
Kenner 28 months ago
9/10. She was sandwiched in between Clara Edwards and the Irishwoman Lou. The Rifleman writers never did explain where ‘Millie’ went before ‘Lou’ showed up. Or did I miss something??
joseramon1 Kenner 28 months ago
Yeah, she sold the store, left Lucas with permission to sell the store....sold it to Lou
DethBiz 28 months ago
5 out of 10. Guess I know more about her Sci-Fi movie career.
ladydi 28 months ago
Boy, I’m good!
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