The meals of the Beverly Hillbillies, ranked in order of edibility

Would you eat these foods featured in the popular sitcom?

Granny (Irene Ryan) was always cooking something up onThe Beverly Hillbillies. All that oil money never went to grocery budget. These were recipes straight from the cabin. At the peak of the show's popularity, thousands of country folk from around the country mailed in recipes and meal suggestions for Granny to fix. Ryan and writer Cathey Pinckney even gathered some of these together in 1966 for a published cookbook, Granny's Hillbilly Cookbook.

The following 20 dishes are vittles actually mentioned on The Beverly Hillbillies. We rated them in order of our taste. Bear in mind, we have not yet had lunch.

Now we ask you: Which of these would you eat? See how your tastes stack up against the rest.

  1. Fatback and Black-Eyed Peas: Would you eat it?
  2. Grits 'n' Black Strap Molasses: Would you eat it?
  3. Smoked Crawdads: Would you eat it?
     Image: Amazon
  4. Catfish and Apricot Gumbo Soup: Would you eat it?
  5. Homemade Pickled Pawpaws: Would you eat it?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  6. Ham Hocks and Turnip Greens: Would you eat it?
  7. Dandelion Greens: Would you eat it?
  8. Pickled Hog Jowls: Would you eat it?
  9. Grits an' Possum Gravy: Would you eat it?
  10. Sow Belly 'n' Hand Slung Chitlins: Would you eat it?
  11. Roast Possum: Would you eat it?
  12. Possum Shanks: Would you eat it?
  13. Southern-Fried Muskrat: Would you eat it?
  14. Stewed Squirrel: Would you eat it?
     Image: The Beverly Hillbillies by Stephen Cox, 1988
  15. Coot Cobbler: Would you eat it?
  16. Possum-belly Jam with Ham "Omy-let": Would you eat it?
     Image: AP Photo
  17. Hog Jowls Melba: Would you eat it?
  18. Goat Tripe: Would you eat it?
     Image: AP Photo
  19. Gizzards Smothered in Gristle: Would you eat it?
  20. Boiled Mule: Would you eat it?

The meals of the Beverly Hillbillies, ranked in order of edibility

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RedSamRackham 40 months ago
* The Chitlins on BH was really a plate of Fritos, not the real thing! ☺
Dario 40 months ago
70% similar. 🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️ 😁😁😁😁😁
Mukusthebadd1 53 months ago
Me has iron stomach.
Me would eat everything they put in here.
Also me thinks some of these are faked by MeTV.
Hate to tell you this but most of it is real stuff that poor folks ate in the Ozarks in the Depression era. Source: my parents b 1919 & 1921 in Kansas. :(
Dario 54 months ago
Boiled mule?!? NEVER!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆
Awesomest 64 months ago
All of this food is eaten but not in the form of possum meat. People eat just about everything on a pig, Pickled pigs feet and chitlins are sold in the grocery store. Tripe is a cows stomach but i don't think to many people eat goats stomachs. Goat tastes like lamb, I've eaten it and it's delicious if someone knows how to cook it. Snapping turtles are a common southern delicacy it makes a really good soup. Here in
west virginia I have seen people eat things like possums but not often, there's usually things like deer to hunt and put on the table. Most people have a spring hog to butcher every year. Just things that most people wouldn't know anything about but i'll tell yah there's something to that food cause people who eat like this bodies are like pieces of iron with hearts of pure gold.
ndebrabant 69 months ago
The meals of the Beverly Hillbillies, ranked in order of edibility

70% similar
70% similar to the most popular responses
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