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Most of us will never have one massive career-defining television role, let alone two. But that's the story for Andy Griffith. As if The Andy Griffith Show wasn't iconic enough to fill an entire lifetime, Griffith then starred in Matlock. Which one's your favorite?

Whether you love Matlock more than Griffith's past work or not, here's hoping you remember at least some of the details surrounding the show's production. We're going to ask you a few trivia questions, and it's your job to see which answers hold up in the court of public opinion. Good luck, and feel free to share any thoughts with a jury of your peers in the comments section below!

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  1. What is Matlock's middle name?
  2. In Ben Matlock's final scene on the show, he takes a bow and what happens?
  3. Which Andy Griffith Show cast member did NOT appear on Matlock?
  4. Matlock premiered how many years after The Andy Griffith Show ended?
  5. Why did Matlock end?
  6. What is Matlock's typical fee?
  7. In flashbacks, who plays Ben Matlock's father?
  8. Randy Travis cameos as a country singer idolized by Ben Matlock. What's the character's name?
  9. Bill Mumy starred as Matlock's relative. How are the characters related?
  10. What kind of car does Matlock drive?

The Experts-Only Matlock Quiz

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