Can you finish these goofy lines from Ben Matlock?

Between winning cases and eating hot dogs, Matlock offered up some pretty funny lines. Can you complete them?

Image: The Everett Collection

Thanks to a bad investment in 8-track tapes, Ben Matlock had to develop a penny-pinching mentality. It's why he eats so many hot dogs! 

Even with his high-price fee, his habitual hot dog eating didn't stop. Between his bites and winning cases, the attorney often said something silly, funny or head-scratching.

Below are several of Andy Griffith's goofy lines from Matlock. Can you fill in the blanks with the right answer to complete them? Good luck!

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  1. "He's a guy alright, I'm not sure about the _____ part all the time."
  2. "I used to see him around town blowing his horn and waving like he was some kind of _____."
  3. What's the matter with you? Did someone cut the wire between your brain and your ____?"
  4. "You're not from around here are you? I didn't think I heard _____ in your voice."
  5. "Well, put my leg in a _____."
  6. "You ever notice, when guys our age talk about the _____, nobody asks which one?"
  7. "I'll plead temporary insanity. The _____ like me."
  8. "I'd sooner eat a live _____ than be your lawyer!"
  9. "I always make sense. I'm a _____, reasonable man."
  10. "Isn't it a shame. You _____ the wrong person."

Can you finish these goofy lines from Ben Matlock?

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nightshade 25 days ago
8 out of 1o watched matlock with grandpa he normally didn't like lawyer shows but loved matlock
cperrynaples 27 days ago
I've been waiting for an excuse to ask this bonus question: All true TAGS fans know that the original broadcasts ended with Andy plugging products for General Foods [now owned by Kraft]! How did he always end those commercials? And no, I'm not looking for "It's gooood!"...LOL!
For those who say "how could any of us know the answer", many of those commercials are on YouTube!
JHP cperrynaples 26 days ago
was it "we won't have to have fried fish for breakfast?" - only kidding
(was a line from a TAGS ep)
cperrynaples JHP 25 days ago
No, those commericals were separate but they had Barney Opie et al!Look on You Tube! No, General Foods didn't make seafood, Andy and Opie got their own! Just saw Manhunt and remembered the leaky boat!
JHP cperrynaples 25 days ago
Yeah - I figured that - I just took a line off of "Gomer the house guest" with ANG and Bee in the kitchen
cperrynaples JHP 25 days ago
OK, it was "I appreciate it and good night"!
JHP cperrynaples 24 days ago
if you remember the episode - Who in the Heck has fish for breakfast?
Hope Gomer had a license too (haha)
CaptainDunsel 27 days ago
Relatively easy to hear all of these in Andy Griffith's voice.
justjeff 27 days ago
6/10 because I guessed all the way...
Coldnorth justjeff 13 days ago
I got the old is the glass half full or half empty. 5/10. Could be good or bad depends on how you look at it
Andybandit 27 days ago
I got 4/10. I got 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 wrong. I never see this episode obviously.
MrsPhilHarris 27 days ago
6/10 I thought I would have done better.
hermanstein2015 27 days ago
8/10 I absolutely adore this man. Matlock is a wonderful show.
McGillahooala 27 days ago
8/10. All guesses. Never watched it.
Big3Fan 27 days ago
A goofy score of four. "I don't know why I'm always gettin' my britches caught on my own pitchfork!" Sheriff Andy Taylor
hermanstein2015 Big3Fan 27 days ago
You see that foot, how can all of it, fit in my mouth lol
Muleskinner 27 days ago
6/10. Haven’t seen many episodes.
teire 27 days ago
8/10. Don’t know the show well, but could mostly tell.
Sway 27 days ago
8/10 Don't think those lines are "goofy" at all, a little down homey, but not goofy.
teire Sway 27 days ago
hermanstein2015 Sway 27 days ago
Makes me realize even more how happy I am I grew up and live in the south.
Well shut my mouth an' pass the peas, please!
When people treat Southerners as somehow "lesser", I just view that as an "argumentum ad hominy". (Yes, there is such a thing as a logic joke. I'll show myself out.)
tnminnow 27 days ago
7/10 missed 5,7,9. All guesses never watched the show. Just used some good old southern boy logic for the answers.😋
Wendy57 27 days ago
We lived for 13 yrs in the Southeast, and I think that it helped me a bit with my guessing. Never acquired a taste for grits though.
tnminnow Wendy57 27 days ago
But I do like grits. Lol
teire tnminnow 27 days ago
Me too. Had delicious shrimp and grits on a recent trip southward.
justjeff Wendy57 27 days ago
Neither could I. To me, they tasted like warmed-up plastic pellets... 😒
cperrynaples 27 days ago
7/10! and comments! [2] I guess he thought that guy was gay..LOL! [3/4] Sound more like Andyisms...LOL again! [5]Makes no sense! [6]True dat! [7] Technically, he deals with either the judges or the jurors,so that makes no sense! [8/9] 2 more Andyisms! [10] But that's classic Matlock!
Of course I must add that when Don Knotts joined the show, there were a lot of TAGS flashbacks including "Slow Motion Karate" and "Big BIg News"!
PS I should have said callbacks instead! But yes we've all seen the mashups...LOL!
PSS Slow motion karate was Barney's Uniform, but I can't find big big news!
The other one is The Manhunt from Season 1! And yes he says "BIG BIG BIG", no news!
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