Can you finish these goofy lines from Ben Matlock?

Between winning cases and eating hot dogs, Matlock offered up some pretty funny lines. Can you complete them?

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Image: The Everett Collection

Thanks to a bad investment in 8-track tapes, Ben Matlock had to develop a penny-pinching mentality. It's why he eats so many hot dogs! 

Even with his high-price fee, his habitual hot dog eating didn't stop. Between his bites and winning cases, the attorney often said something silly, funny or head-scratching.

Below are several of Andy Griffith's goofy lines from Matlock. Can you fill in the blanks with the right answer to complete them? Good luck!

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  1. "He's a guy alright, I'm not sure about the _____ part all the time."
  2. "I used to see him around town blowing his horn and waving like he was some kind of _____."
  3. What's the matter with you? Did someone cut the wire between your brain and your ____?"
  4. "You're not from around here are you? I didn't think I heard _____ in your voice."
  5. "Well, put my leg in a _____."
  6. "You ever notice, when guys our age talk about the _____, nobody asks which one?"
  7. "I'll plead temporary insanity. The _____ like me."
  8. "I'd sooner eat a live _____ than be your lawyer!"
  9. "I always make sense. I'm a _____, reasonable man."
  10. "Isn't it a shame. You _____ the wrong person."

Can you finish these goofy lines from Ben Matlock?

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