Test your knowledge of TV governors on '60s, '70s and '80s shows

Try to match these governors to the correct television series!


They are memorable fictional mayors and presidents on television shows. In the middle, less commonly, are governors.

Governors have played a part in some memorable classic TV episodes. Some of them were actual state governors!

Try to govern your way through this trivia challenge.

  1. Who wrote this governor a parking ticket on 'The Andy Griffith Show'?
  2. This 'Wagon Train' guest start later became the governor of which state in real life?
  3. This future California governor made one of his earliest TV appearances on 'The Streets of San Francisco'.
  4. Who dressed up as John Carver, the first Governor of the Plymouth Colony, in this Brady Bunch home movie?
  5. Kodos "The Executioner" was the former governor of Tarsus IV on this series.
  6. She found campaign buttons for New York governors Charles Evans Hughes and Thomas E. Dewey in an old desk.
  7. Mary makes a date with the governor's assistant in the 'Mary Tyler Moore' episode "The Five-Minute Dress." This was the governor of which state?
  8. James Noble played Governor Eugene X. Gatling on which sitcom?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  9. This character faced off against Governor Winston E. Brubaker, the man in the portrait, who wanted to become a dictator.
  10. Hooterville secedes from the state after this governor declares the state bankrupt on which sitcom?
  11. Mayor Linseed here worked under the unseen Governor Stonefellow on which Sixties series?
  12. The Perry Mason Mystery titled "The Case of the Grimacing Governor" aired in 1994, a year after Raymond Burr's death. Who starred in the TV movie instead as "Wild Bill McKenzie"?
  13. This man was running for governor on 'Mannix.' Take a close look at his house. It was the same set used in what other iconic series?
  14. Dan Dailey played the title character in a 1969 sitcom called 'The Governor & _______"?
     Image: The Everett Collection

Test your knowledge of TV governors on '60s, '70s and '80s shows

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EllisClevenger 51 months ago
You got 14 out of 14
Looks like you have met these governors before! Nice work!
51 months ago
13 out of 14. The only reason I knew number 14 is because when I was a kid, we used to go camping and we met a couple with a mini dachshund and his name was JJ. We thought they named him after JJ from Good Times but they told us they named him after an old television program called The Governor And JJ.
LindaWilliams 51 months ago
You got 12 out of 14
Looks like you have met these governors before! Nice work!
STTOS 51 months ago
You got 13 out of 14. Looks like you have met these governors before! Nice work! Knew most of them, took an educated guess on a couple (got them right) but took a wild swing and miss on the last one.
DavidMagoon 51 months ago
On the Peacock Network's "Saved by the Bell" reboot, I don't think Gov. Zack Morris will be the most noticed character. XD
MrBill 51 months ago
14/14; fairly easy quiz for me.
Runeshaper 51 months ago
You got 10 out of 14
Looks like you have met these governors before! Nice work!

Mostly guesses :)
bnichols23 51 months ago
13 - actually I feel pretty good about this one, since I even got the Brady question!!
cperrynaples bnichols23 51 months ago
Well who doesn't recognize that staircase? MeTV already said that Mannix and Brady shared sets and even Robert Reed!
bnichols23 cperrynaples 51 months ago
Tell the truth, it was a guess. The show never appealed to me at all, even BITD. If I ever did watch it, it was because nothing else was on. :)
cperrynaples 51 months ago
Have to comment about that Wild Wild West! Honestly, an American elected official who wants to be a dictator? That could never happen today...LOL! BTW, did Governor Brubaker hold 2 hour press briefings where he lied about the Black Plague... only he was refering to Reconstuction? Boy, I'm really loving to write these posts!
bnichols23 cperrynaples 51 months ago
You jes' so bad. }:) Like it!
DavidBartholomew 51 months ago

Bring "The Governor and JJ" to MeTV!!! A wonderful sitcom, comparable to Mary Tyler Moore!!!!
Utzaake DavidBartholomew 51 months ago
Same score, missed #12. I concur. MeTV must show The Governor and JJ.
11. For the uninitiated, Mayor Linseed and Governor Stonefellow were spoofs of John Vliet Lindsay and Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller respectively.
cperrynaples Utzaake 51 months ago
Yep, Batman loved those puns! After all, who didn't know New York City is nicknamed Gotham?
daDoctah Utzaake 51 months ago
And one time they couldn't get Mayor Linseed for some reason, they instead reference Vice-Mayor Zorty, a reference to Los Angeles then-mayor Sam Yorty.
Kenner 51 months ago
Easy, peezy. I believe Kodos from Star Trek was also the teacher Mr. Griswold on the Rifleman. 🤠
OriginalGreaser 51 months ago
I got 12 out of 14. Not to bad, I really would like to forget Governor Pritzker the clown from Illinois.
Craigg 51 months ago
You got 14 out of 14
Looks like you have met these governors before! Nice work!
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