Fan quiz: Can you guess which show these actors were in more episodes of?

Which show had more Bob Denver, Buddy Ebsen and Betty White?


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So many classic television actors were on multiple shows. Whether they broke out on one show then starred in their own or got a spinoff centered around the well-known character they played originally as part of an ensemble.

Sometimes the first show could never be topped and sometimes they found even more success the second time around!

All these famous TV names were on two or more shows. Can you guess which show they appeared in the most?

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  1. Was Richard Deacon in more episodes of 'Leave it to Beaver' or 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'?
  2. Who did Bob Denver play more often, Maynard G. Krebs or Gilligan?
  3. Was Andy Griffith in more episodes of Matlock or his namesake show?
  4. Don Knotts was in 'The Andy Griffith Show' and 'Three's Company' but which one was he in more of?
  5. Another 'Andy Griffith' alum was Ron Howard. He later starred in 170 episodes of 'Happy Days' but is that more or less than his time as Opie Taylor?
  6. Who did Buddy Ebsen play more often — Jed Clampett or Barnaby Jones?
  7. 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' introduced America to Mary Tyler but her own show made us love her even "Moore." Which one did she appear in the most?
  8. Did Valerie Harper play Rhoda in more episodes of 'Mary Tyler Moore' or her own spinoff?
  9. Same for Ed Asner, was he in more episodes of 'Mary Tyler Moore' or 'Lou Grant'?
  10. Was Gavin MacLeod in more episodes of 'Mary Tyler Moore' or 'The Love Boat'?
  11. Which of these 3 shows was TV icon Betty White in the most?
  12. Which Tony did Tony Danza play more often, Banta or Micelli?
  13. Was Howard Hessman in more episodes of 'WKRP in Cincinatti' or 'Head of the Class'?

Fan quiz: Can you guess which show these actors were in more episodes of?

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DerekBird 38 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Did you count right or get lost in the numbers?
CRTRAVIS 50 months ago
Only missed one never watch the golden girls
DerekBird CRTRAVIS 38 months ago
I never wanted to watch a bunch of old people griping all the time either. The same with Matlock and Jake and The Fatman and the other shows that starred people from The Old Folks Home.
LindaWilliams 51 months ago
You got 10 out of 13
Did you count right or get lost in the numbers?
scareykatt 51 months ago
I missed the last one.

I picked WKRP over Head Of The Class.
MichaelNivens scareykatt 51 months ago
Me too - I picked the show I liked better without even thinking about number of appearances
wycowboy62 51 months ago
13 out of 13. It’s perfect! I took careful decisions in each of those challenging questions.
McBeeveeHere 51 months ago
10/13... Not happy with this score...
MarkSpeck 51 months ago
10 out of 13. Two of the ones I missed were Andy Griffith related. Got Griffith and Ronny Howard wrong and also Richard Deacon.
denny 51 months ago
13/13 Although I didn't realize Hessmen wkrp and head of class were so close.
DerekBird denny 38 months ago
Same here.
Ilenewm 51 months ago
Only 7! I'm turning in my MeTV diploma! 😁
DerekBird Ilenewm 38 months ago
You get what you pay for when you Enroll at The University of Phoenix.
Stoney 51 months ago
9 for 13. Good, challenging quiz. Kudos!
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