Poll: What are your favorite classic childhood activities?

Are you doing a cannon ball in the pool or running through the sprinkler?

Picture this: Your childhood summer is just about to start, and the biggest decision of the day is whether to play freeze tag or go for a bike ride. There's no cell phones, laptops or internet to keep you from getting outside for some summer fun. 

From passing the time during a long car ride to splashing around in the creek, and even being stuck inside on rainy days, tell us what your favorite classic childhood activity is.

  1. What was your favorite outdoor game to play with friends?
  2. When your friends weren’t around, what was your go-to activity by yourself?
  3. What was your favorite activity at the park?
  4. What was your water activity of choice as a kid?
  5. If it was a pool day, either at home or at the park, what was your favorite game to play, or thing to do in the pool?
  6. During a ride in the backseat, what was your favorite game to play in the car?
  7. On a rainy summer day, what did you do to pass the time?
  8. When it was game night, what was your go-to?

Poll: What are your favorite classic childhood activities?

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nerstrand 4 days ago
This has "bugged" me for a while, in Minnesota, it's "slug bug", not punch buggy.
Greg 7 days ago
I grew up on a farm so our summers were working from 6 am until sunset.
SheriHeffner 12 days ago
I didn't have a favorite car ride activity. My sister got car sick and neither one of us could see out the front windshield.
BenSchockley 15 days ago
How is reading not an option on any of these? Outdoors it was football!!
DaleM5 20 days ago
I’m my day the only tv we had outside of the tv my dad had in his room was a 12” I think that we would ask try to sit around and watch but with a small tv a bully older brother who hogged the tv we would look out the window of the front room and look at the sky and try to find faces, cars etc.:.we may have been board but we found things to do..we never dreamed they would be handheld phones with tiny screens to play games on..we watched Star Trek and Kirk would talk thru a device saying beam me up Scottie but a little secret Kirk never uttered those words…
AnnieM DaleM5 4 days ago
I can remember making my own Communicator out of one of those tiny-sized notepads with the spiral across the top. 😂
RichLorn 21 days ago
I must have been really good at hide and seek. My friends didn't even TRY to find me.
JKMallaber 23 days ago
76% similar. Counting cows was awesome on longer trips! For the uninitiated, you would count the cows you passed on your side of the car. Whoever had the most at the end won. Speed, of course, was key. It was easy to count them all if you were stuck behind a slow poke, 60 mph was harder! My uncle wasn't above slowing down for our side, and speeding up for my aunts side, totally ticked her off! :-) If you passed a cemetery on your side, you lost all your cows and had to start over. Bummer! :-)
ERROL 23 days ago
Guess I was too old. swim pools were not too popular growing up, I swam in the creek, after fishing
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