Choose your dream band

Pick musicians from rock history to make the ultimate band!


Rock 'n Roll needs your help. The producer of the big award show is sick, and you need to fill in. Here's your one and only duty: Put together your dream band. That's it. You just have to pick one musician for each category, and the show will go on. Choose whomever you think will make the best rock band of all time. You're not even bound by time!

We're not going to be able to include everybody in this one. Let's start off with that. No matter how many guitarists we include, somebody is going to feel like we omitted their favorite axe-slinger. So we apologize ahead of time if we missed your favorite drummer or your favorite bassist. You'll have to rectify the situation by speaking up for your favorites in the comments section below!

  1. Who's the frontperson in your ensemble?
  2. Who would you choose for lead guitar?
  3. Who's playing bass?
  4. There's room in the budget for a rhythm guitarist. Who you got?
  5. Let's round out the band with a drummer!

Choose your dream band

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trogg888 8 months ago
Jimi invented lead guitar
UGA2021 trogg888 7 months ago
May have invented it but EVH surpassed him !
edsawyeranddougfan52 8 months ago
I like the Happy Days Band and The
Partridge Family Band .
Happy Days Band;
Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard)
Potsie Weber (Anson Williams)
Ralph Malph :Donny Most
Bag Zombroski played by Neil J. Schwartz
.Partridge Family Band
Shirley Jones
David Cassidy (Keith )
Laurie :Susan Dey
Danny :Danny Bonaduce
Chris : Brian Forster
Tracy played by Suzanne Crough
For real life Bands :
The Beatles
The 4 Seasons
Emitzon 8 months ago
Ringo? Seriously? He can barely play a 5 piece set.
trogg888 Emitzon 8 months ago
He was perfect for that band
JL1965 8 months ago
Ringi Starr really ???? Ouch
Rainbowflowers 8 months ago
31%, I'm surprised that they didn't have any one from Poison, Motley Crue or Def Leppard
Glornt 8 months ago
Results would probably be different if the bands these people played in were listed; lots of casual fans don't know who are in bands that they like. And why no keyboards?
Glornt 8 months ago
6% similar. My actual lineup would be Greg Lake on lead vocals, Verdine White on bass, Keith Emerson on keyboards, Buck Dharma on lead guitar, Rick Derringer on rhythm guitar, and Gavin Harrison on drums.
jimmyvici 8 months ago
Bloodymama5 8 months ago
Stevie Ray Vaughn is my number 1 selection on guitar.
Kbyoung 8 months ago
Janis on lead,duanne Allman and Lennon on guitar McCartney on bass and Ringo on drums.we are gonna rock the blues
zekezeus1 8 months ago
As I was happy to see Nancy Wilson represented, How could you leave the other half of the Wilson sisters, one of the most powerful female rock singers ever off Ann Wilson off the lead singer list as a choice? Rock legend, Grammy winner, Hall of Fame inductee and a pioneer for women to pursue a career in rock.
Sirmister zekezeus1 8 months ago
Don’t know how David burns made the list and she didn’t
TownOfMayberry 8 months ago
How do you leave Jimmy Page off of the list for lead guitarist?!?!?!
They listed every other member of Led Zeppelin.
JohnSchumacher 8 months ago
Where's Peter criss or Eric carr.....or Cindy blackman
Lillyrose 8 months ago
10% similar. Weird that they listed Karen Carpenter under drummers. She was an excellent singer. She should be listed under lead singers, not drummers.
19611313 Lillyrose 8 months ago
She began her career as a drummer.
ncadams27 8 months ago
You need to add Eric Burdon as lead vocalist. If you’re going to list Carol Kaye (session musician with The Wrecking Crew) on bass, you need to add Hal Blaine on drums and about a dozen others.
ncadams27 8 months ago
Where is Ginger Baker on drums? Ringo Starr - seriously?
Glornt ncadams27 8 months ago
Most popular is obviously not the same as best.
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