Quiz: Did these events happen in 1977 or not?

How much do you know about the world 40 years ago?

How well do you remember the most important pop culture and news events of 1977? 

Don't worry, we'll test your memory with this quiz. Good luck!

Top image: Paramount Pictures
  1. CHiPs premiered on Sept. 15.
    Warner Bros. Television
  2. Post-It notes hit the market in four select cities.
  3. Donna Summer's jam "Hot Stuff" was released on June 23.
  4. Speaking of disco, the film 'Saturday Night Fever' was released.
    Paramount Pictures
  5. People tasted the rainbow for the first time when Skittles hit the market.
  6. The Three Mile Island nuclear accident occurred.
    Associated Press
  7. 'Laverne & Shirley' premiered on Sept. 13.
  8. 'Star Wars' hit theaters May 25.
    20th Century Fox
  9. The Aerosmith song 'Dream On' was released.
  10. 'Roots' premiered in January.
    Warner Bros. Television
  11. 'The Trilogy of Terror' scarred everyone for life on Oct. 11.
  12. 'Happy Days' was the most popular show for the 1976-1977 television season.
  13. Apple Computer, Inc. was incorporated.
    AP Photo/Sal Veder
  14. The Captain and Tennille song 'Do That to Me One More Time' was released.
    Everett Collection
  15. 'The Love Boat' set sail May 5, premiering in primetime.
    Associated Press
Quiz: Did these events happen in 1977 or not?

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