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Can you pick the correct classic TV show logos?

How well do you remember these iconic title graphics?

When you watch your favorite shows, you see the opening credits over and over again. You can sing every word to the theme song. You know every shot in the montage.

But how well do you remember the big, splashy title? Even when you've seen something hundreds of times, it can be surprisingly tricky to spot the correct image. See if you can pick which titles screens below are correct. Good luck!
  1. Did they use an exclamation point?
  2. Where were the asterisks?
  3. Which arrangement is correct?
  4. Wait, was it 'Five-0' or '5-0'?
  5. The or no the?
  6. The or no the?
  7. Were those quotation marks there?
  8. Which one is correct?
  9. Checkers?
  10. Which punctuation mark?
Can you pick the correct classic TV show logos?

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