Quick: Which M*A*S*H goodbye scene from the finale is your favorite?

They're all good goodbyes, but which was your favorite?


The M*A*S*H series finale, "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" certainly pulled at the heart strings like so many other episodes of the series, but this episode was the final time. 

Of course, there were goodbyes, and plenty of them. For whatever reason, whether it was the most heart-warming, the funniest, saddest or simply because you like it the most, which character exit was your favorite the first time you watched the M*A*S*H finale?

They're all good, so there's no right or wrong answer! Make your selection and see how similar your answer is to the rest of the M*A*S*H fans on MeTV.com!

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  1. Which character exit from the M*A*S*H finale is your favorite/most memorable?

Quick: Which M*A*S*H goodbye scene from the finale is your favorite?

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Jan65 18 months ago
I hated the way they did the mash goodbye episode. They really screwed up in my opinion. All the characters ever talked about from day one was how much they missed their families and we didn't get to see them reunite with them. I couldn't believe they would leave that out.
Snickers 20 months ago
Which M*A*S*H goodbye scene from the final is my Favorite? I would have to say none of them.
commodore1978 20 months ago
Hawkeye's goodbye scene is the best cause not only does he finally get a goodbye from someone but the show itself is saying Goodbye to all the people who watched for years and this scene rivals the iconic goodbye scene from MARY TYLER MOORE
WordsmithWorks 20 months ago
Hawkeye and BJ had the same goodbye scene.
327053 20 months ago
My wife and I always look forward to seeing the finale every year.❤️‍🩹
JoeGuenther 20 months ago
The whole Korean musicians storyline was so sad. When Charles smashes the record album I felt so bad for Charles.
AndrewHass 20 months ago
I liked Potter's goodbye because i think he was like a father figure to the other characters
sputnik_57 20 months ago
One thing's for sure...we'll never say "farewell" to M*A*S*H on MeTV! 🙄
daDoctah 20 months ago
You probably need to whittle down the choices a bit first by eliminating all the characters who went on to appear in "AfterM*A*S*H", so that rules out Klinger, Potter and Mulcahy.
Peter_Falk_Fan 20 months ago
Hard choice, but it's Klinger's wedding scene (18%/70%). It gets me every time when Klinger says goodbye to Col. Potter.
Michael Peter_Falk_Fan 20 months ago
She was a good looking woman.
McGillahooala 20 months ago
Klinger’s Goodbye. 18%, but 70% similar. Not sure how that works.
WGH McGillahooala 8 months ago
70% similar with reference to only the top two choices.
CaptainDunsel 20 months ago
I chose Col. Potter, which came up 13% on the chart, but "30% Similar" in the summary.
Apparently, the MeTV Staff subscribe to the "Naked Gun" school of statistics.

Oh, BTW MeTV Staff - Captain HAWKEYE? You didn't by any remote chance mean to say "Captain PIERCE" did you?
Zip 20 months ago
Even though I don't care much for the finale, I chose Hawkeye's goodbye. I liked his bitterweet smile he had as the helicopter was lifting up and he saw B.J.'s message in the rocks.
Zip Zip 20 months ago
...so actually, I don't know if I should have chosen "B.J.'s goodbye" since he was the one who placed the rocks. Who's goodbye was that anyway at the end there?
Andybandit 20 months ago
I got 70%. I loved Klinger's wedding. I love that Klinger became a Sargent.
retired2019 20 months ago
I cried AGAIN watching the finale.
Mikeitaly 20 months ago
When bj and Hawkeye parted, it was like brothers who might never see each other again, other then through the memories of the heart.
Pacificsun Mikeitaly 20 months ago
Well said.
CoreyC 20 months ago
I am torn between Hawkeye and BJ and Hawkeye' BJ's to Col Potter.
Moriyah 20 months ago
I'm jealous of all the other shows because they've been getting stories and quizzes like this that what's his name (if you know who I'm talking about, which a lot of you do) doesn't have. Can any of y'all request more Gomer content for me and let them know that they should be promoting him more often? Because whenever I try to reach out to them, it seems like they always seem to not listen to me because when I say that they should post gomer stuff more often than once or twice than every 3 months, I mean it. I want that show to be a lot like how some of these shows are on here with them getting a lot of stuff and all of that. If you can, please respond to this post. Because it seems like y'all have been ghosting me again for the last few days or so, and I don't want that to happen. Thank you!
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Moriyah Pacificsun 20 months ago
Thank you! But whenever I send in a fan made quiz or something like that, they usually don't make it. Except for that one time where I made one and they excepted it
LoveMETV22 Moriyah 20 months ago
Your Welcome, hope you enjoyed your day.
Moody Moriyah 20 months ago
Sorry I don't have anything cool to send you but I will wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one! 🎈🎂
Coldnorth Moriyah 20 months ago
Happy belated birthday. I hope the MeTV people listen to you.
Big3Fan 20 months ago
I am not qualified to partake in his quiz.
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