Poll: Which of these Klinger looks from M*A*S*H is your favorite?

All of Klinger's looks were iconic, but which look is your favorite?

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Maxwell Q. Klinger is known for serving up some looks on M*A*S*H. From dressing as the Statue of Liberty to a beautiful gold dress, he is a man who could wear it all. 

Today, let's look at some of Klinger's greatest looks in M*A*S*H. You decide which look is best!

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  1. Which of these classic Klinger looks is your favorite?
  2. Moving on to the fur and polka dots, both featured in the episode 'Adam's Ribs.' Which are you choosing?
  3. Which of these two looks do you like best?
  4. Which look did Klinger pull off the best between these two episodes?
  5. Which of these Klinger looks do you like best?
  6. Two iconic looks, only one option to choose from:
  7. The hats alone are stunning. Which outfit goes with the hat the best?
  8. Which of these looks are you choosing?
  9. These are two very iconic fits for Klinger. Which one do you like best?
  10. Finally, which of these looks is your favorite?

Poll: Which of these Klinger looks from M*A*S*H is your favorite?

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mmanello 5 months ago
How does MeTv give EVERYONE on MASH — including boring Fr. Mulcahey — THEIR OWN WEEK —- EXCEPT KLINGER!? What the hell, seriously! WHY DIDN'T CORPORAL KLINGER GET A WEEK?! He was “BY FARR” the FUNNIEST actor on the show! His outfits were a scream! They were iconic! You guys are AWFUL to leave him out! Just awful!
BenSobeleone 11 months ago
One of my favorite M*A*S*H episodes was the one where Klinger pretended to be a civilian.
L 12 months ago
What's wrong with you people?
Only 30% similar.
RobertK 12 months ago
60% I still get a laugh at the lines when Frank Burns was in charge. Major Burns: "Another week in command and I'd have had you out of that dress". Klinger : "I'm not that easy"!
BuckeyeBeth 13 months ago
80% similar

And wow, number 5 is at 50/50 when I took this quiz! The only other really close one is number 10 at 52/48.
Sooner 13 months ago
My apologies to MASH fans, but I did not like the show, and I really found Klinger's character disgusting.
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Sooner BuckeyeBeth 11 months ago
I loved the movie and never like the show or the characters, and I just found his character to be really a stupid idea taken to ridiculous extreme.
DanaBrubaker L 11 months ago
Cuz he's a hater.
Sooner DanaBrubaker 11 months ago
Wow, you sure make a hateful statement for not even knowing me.
Moverfan L 9 months ago
And he looked LOVELY!
Tommygunz 13 months ago
Got 90% MASH had some great and unforgettable characters and Klinger was my favorite, followed by Frank Burns.
Moriyah 13 months ago
60% similar! I wish Gomer wore dresses a lot on Gomer Pyle! Although, there is one scene in one of the episodes where he does wear a pink dress
Coldnorth Moriyah 12 months ago
My favorite episode of GP was when he sung in his dress uniform. What a voice
Charleshorse 13 months ago
I had to choose Adam's Rib because Klinger looked so funny running through the fields of grass in that lavender frock
LynCarceo 13 months ago
30%. Well, I never went with the crowd.
Runeshaper 13 months ago
You got 90% similar

Some of these are super creative lol
Moody 13 months ago
70% similar. I always cracked up at the outfits Klinger would wear. His "clever" attempts to get kicked out of the Army were hilarious most of the time. Even funnier though was the fact that neither Henry or Potter would let him off the hook.
Rob 13 months ago
80% similar. I was always surprised that Henry didn’t sign Klinger’s section eight paperwork before he left.
Wendy57 13 months ago
Klinger and Hot Lips & Frank we’re my favorite parts of MASH.
“Flare your nostrils for me Frank”. 🤣
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