Poll: Which of these Western movies defines the genre?

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We've got a survey here for you, partner. We want to know your opinions on Westerns. Specifically, we want to know which single movie best encapsulates the genre for you, specifically.

When you close your eyes and picture a Western movie, what do you see? Is it a classic from the '50s? Or maybe a Spaghetti Western from Italy? Maybe it's part of the '90s Western revolution! 

Either way, let us know. 

PS: We can't include every Western ever in our poll. If yours isn't listed, we haven't "forgotten" it. We've left the "Other" option so that YOU can tell us your genre-defining Western in the comments section below!

  1. What's your favorite Western?

Poll: Which of these Western movies defines the genre?

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Blast_Action 8 days ago
Tough choice. Went with Tombstone, but could have easily chosen For A Few Dollars More.
327053 13 days ago
I’ve seen most of these westerns and loved them. My favorite however is “The Searchers” with John Wayne. My wife and I visited Monument Valley where it was filmed as well as other westerns. We booked a horse ride which was supposed to be 2 hours and it turned into 4 because our guide took us through the John Wayne tour. To be in the actual places where they filmed, to stand where John Ford and Wayne stood was amazing! Also the sand dune where Natalie Wood ran down to meet her brother was exciting! Can’t wait to go back 😄
sjbang88 15 days ago
The Sergio Leone trio of films with Clint Eastwood are 3 of the greatest westerns made
chris70 23 days ago
Any movie starring Clint Eastwood is a great western.
MikefromJersey 23 days ago
I chose "other" as how can you choose between all time classics?
Taken as a whole, the six classic westerns made by director Budd Boetticher and Randolph Scott are a
great cinematic achievement and need to be seen by any Western fan worthy of the name.
"Seven Men From Now", "The Tall T", "Decision at Sundown", "Buchanan Rides Alone",
"Ride Lonesome" and "Comanche Station".

Pernell Roberts was never better in "Comanche Station", it's a damn shame his movie career didn't
go anywhere. He could act with anyone, see him and Lee Marvin squaring off and pulling every acting
trick they knew in a great Bonanza episode.
ironman2000 27 days ago
Mag7,0 similar. Not too many old timers voted yet
Wendy57 27 days ago
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
frenchman71 27 days ago
How can "No Country for Old Men" be considered a western?
frenchman71 27 days ago
Two of my favorite westerns were Clint Eastwood flics and only one was listed, "Outlaw, Josey Wales". My favorite would have to be "High Plains Drifter". I give honorable mention to "True Grit".
sjbang88 frenchman71 15 days ago
I agree, High Plains Drifter is a masterpiece
CouchPotato987 27 days ago
I’m not a Western movie kinda guy, but the movie Unforgiven was a good one. One of my top 10 favorite movies of all-time. It even has my favorite actor Gene Hackman in it.
deltadart 27 days ago
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid got
10%, more than any other choice, What a Joke! Paul Newman is fine but that Clown-Robert Redford!
Batman1961 27 days ago
These are al great movies, but the first western that popped into my mind was "The Cowboys" with John Wayne. Awesome movie.
Tresix 27 days ago
Picked “High Noon”, got 0% similar. That really surprises me. Didn’t expect it to be the top one, but thought there would be a much higher percentage.
Shaniack77 28 days ago
Who forgot the movie from 1973 staring Terrance Hill and Henry Fonda entitled "My Name Is Nobody"
Best western ever! (in my opinion)
Jackhammer 28 days ago
Tombstone... Tombstone.. Tombstone.. I love all Clint's movies but tombstone is just so rewatchable and iconic.. Val is just brilliant as doc and biehns Johnny Ringo is one for the ages...
Bapa1 28 days ago
What, no "Shakiest Gun in the West"?
Ratt1959 28 days ago
You got 20% similar. Went with "True Grit" but could have picked almost all of them.
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