Poll: Which M*A*S*H character had the best introduction?

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There is more than one way to introduce a character on a television show, especially a show that ranges from heartstring-tugging drama to gut-busting comedy. M*A*S*H featured a large ensemble of principal characters. The audience met them in moments of both crisis and mirth.

Several main characters first appear in the opening montage of the pilot episode, an extended version of what would become the show's credit sequence. The 4077th goofs off — until a helicopter delivers a batch of wounded soldiers.

"Fore!" Trapper John shouts while taking a whack with his golf club.

"Here they come," Radar announces, hearing the copters long before the others with his preternatural detection skills (hence his name).

"This guy's got a rapid pulse!" Hawkeye declares over the roar of the chopper blades.

We later meet Frank Burns and Margaret Houlihan in the operating room, behind surgical masks.

Burns asks for an instrument.

"Everything under control?" she asks.

From here on out, most characters are introduced with humor.

"Radar! Don't do that!" Henry Blake barks when Radar sneaks up on him. "I wanted to see you before I see you."

"I trained a number of boys to box back home," Father Mulcahy explains, before offering up a single word of ring advice: "Prayer."

"Halt! Friend or foe!" Klinger barks, carrying a rifle and sporting a skirt.

"Captain Pierce?" B.J. asks, offering his hand, as Hawkeye kvetches about missing the departure of Trapper John.

"On your feet soldier," Col. Potter orders.

"Double pair," Winchester smugly declares in a card game at his relatively cozy hospital post. "That's 121 points… and the game!"

Watch the very first lines of dialogue from these beloved M*A*S*H characters in the video above. Then, we'd like to hear from you: Which character had the best introduction on M*A*S*H?

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  1. Which character had the best introduction on 'M*A*S*H,' as seen in the video above?

Poll: Which M*A*S*H character had the best introduction?

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