Plant your ideal garden and we’ll tell you which horticultural TV character matches your personality

Classic shows had everything from flower competitions to radioactive vegetables. Which TV gardener are you most like?

Some green-thumb characters are informed by the actors who played them. Will Geer’s love of plants couldn’t help but spill over into Grandpa Walton. Carolyn Jones was fond of exotic clothes and décor like Morticia, though she never went as far as a meat-eating plant.

Other flower-focused characters include Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show and Batman villain Louie the Lilac. Plus, there were plenty of amateur farmers on Sixties television in everything from Green Acres to Gilligan’s Island.

Which classic TV character best matches your gardening style? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. Which flower would be the star of your garden?
  2. What color would you feature most in your garden?
  3. What type of garden would you have?
  4. Your plants are…
  5. How often do you tend to your garden?
  6. Do you prefer gardening alone or with others?
  7. How much time and resources do you invest in your garden?
  8. What do you like most about gardening?
  9. Which unique plants do you like the most?
  10. What is gardening to you?

Plant your ideal garden and we’ll tell you which horticultural TV character matches your personality

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robyni23 18 months ago
You are Lisa Douglas from Green Acres!
You've only recently gotten into gardening but you've enthusiastically embraced it, investing a lot in your new hobby. You like to do you things your own way, which can be quite different than normal gardening techniques.
RichLorn 19 months ago
Aunt Bee? She can't even make a good pickle!
LabLove 19 months ago
I'm new here. It shows that I'm Aunt Bea....not sure I agree but I would rather throw a ball for my dogs than fret over plants too much 😉
dmirarh 19 months ago
You are Lisa Douglas from Green Acres!. I'm glad because she's so hott.
Moverfan 19 months ago
I'm Grandpa Walton? Somebody's got some explaining to do--my folks always told people I was their oldest girl!
Snickers 19 months ago
I am Morticia Addams. Hi everyone just got back from the hospital last night and the procedure went well. Still in some pain and tired but feeling better. Thanks to all my MeTV friends for their prayers and get well wishes.
hermanstein2015 19 months ago
I got Morticia! Sometimes wish I owned a Cleopatra ❤️
PulsarStargrave 19 months ago
GRAND PA WALTON, a character on a show I don't watch! But that's kinda my speed, anyway! Having taken care of plants before I've seen it as a meditation and reflection on life!
LoveMETV22 19 months ago
OFF TOPIC: Looks Like MeTV is making a Schedule Change - Effective 5/8/22: Go to Schedule PDF to see. No spoiler, might please some, might not please others.
MalachiCrunch 19 months ago
How did I know I was Gilligan before Even starting the quiz!
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