Can you recognize celebrities from 1980s Thanksgiving Parades?

Try to I.D. these TV stars and balloons!


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a television tradition for decades. The balloons, marching bands and floats help ring in in the holiday season. Of course, the networks trot out a parade of celebrities, too. They are often stars from shows in the channel. 

With that in mind, see if you can recognize these super-Eighties stars from the parades of the 1980s!

  1. Heeeeere's… the host of the parade for NBC in the early 1980s!
     Image: NBC
  2. He took a spin hosting for NBC in 1985.
     Image: NBC
  3. This former Ronald McDonald took over hosting duties in 1987.
     Image: NBC
  4. She was the cohost with the fellow above in 1987.
     Image: NBC
  5. In 1988, this 'Hogan Family' star cohosted.
     Image: NBC
  6. The handsome Ted Shackleford hosted for CBS. He was best known for starring on which TV show?
     Image: CBS
  7. His cohost Linda Lavin is best known for which sitcom?
     Image: CBS
  8. The man on the left could be seen each week on which action series?
     Image: CBS
  9. This bunny balloon is the mascot for which brand?
     Image: NBC
  10. This bear balloon from 1988 is named…?
     Image: NBC
  11. Who is this fabulous cowboy?
     Image: CBS
  12. Karate Kid villain Martin Kove joined Dallas actress Jenilee Harrison on CBS in 1985. Jenilee also played Cindy on which sitcom?
     Image: CBS
  13. Clifton Davis can sing. But in 1988 he was best know for starring in which sitcom?
     Image: NBC
  14. In 1987, she belted out a song for her dad, but Gloria Loring also sang the catchy theme song to which hit sitcom?
     Image: NBC
  15. This Christmas favorite is seen singing "White Christmas" in 1985. But you might hear her holiday song "Snow" more often.
     Image: NBC

Can you recognize celebrities from 1980s Thanksgiving Parades?

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scp 18 months ago
Fifteen out of fifteen. I'm amazed I got them all.
CoreyC 18 months ago
Larry Hagman was not a cowboy but JR Ewing.
Snickers 18 months ago
13/15. Hard to tell who they are in some of them the pictures are so bad.
bagandwallyfan52 29 months ago
EDDIE CANTOR was the first
Big balloon in the Thanksgiving
Parade back in the 1930s.
I to see big balloons
Of Pee Wee Herman and
Joe Penner.
sanman1970 30 months ago

Didn't know who Clifton Davis was/is.
scp sanman1970 18 months ago
I guessed.
Bret 30 months ago
You got 11 out of 15
I am not strong with 80's stuff
bnichols23 30 months ago
8, but I SWEAR I didn't shoot JR! HowEVER, Jenilee Harrison can kick my butt to the mat any dang time she wants to! Woof Woof!!
Toot1956 30 months ago
13/15!!!! The Mascots got me.
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