PICK: Would you eat these vintage holiday dishes from 1959?

Would you go back for seconds of Prune Whip, Tongue Loaf and Rice Imperial?

Thanksgiving is the most traditional of American holidays. That being said, over the decades, the food on our table has quietly evolved. The turkey may have stayed the same, but most families no longer cook up aspics, steamed puddings, chiffon cakes, soufflé and livers.

We flipped through the November 1959 and December 1959 issues of Ladies' Home Journal to find some forgotten recipes. As nostalgic, adventurous eaters, we would probably try everything. Okay, maybe not the "Molded Salad."

Let's see how your tastes compare to others. Pick which vintage holiday dishes you would eat!
  1. Frosted Candy Cane Dinner Rolls?
  2. "Rice Imperial"?
  3. Canned Peaches and Turkey?
  4. A shortbread house covered in raisins?
  5. Steamed Orange Pudding with Foamy Eggnog Sauce?
  6. Country Beef Pie with an All-Meat "Crust"?
  7. Molded Vegetable Salad?
  8. None Such Whipped Cream Cake with Vanilla Wafers and Mincemeat?
  9. Do-Ahead Cranberry Souffle Salad?
  10. Deviled Ham "Snow Cap Spread"?
  11. Ginger-Glazed Pork and Tongue Loaf?
  12. Chicken Livers Velouté — for breakfast? It has bacon in it.
  13. Chicken Cream Corn Curry?
  14. Turkey-Apple Bake?
  15. Prune Whip? They say it's "the perfect end to any meal"! Is it?

PICK: Would you eat these vintage holiday dishes from 1959?

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KellyO 4 months ago
My mother made Cranberry Soufflé Salad. It was my favorite thing as a kid in the 60s. Now I am in my 60s, I don’t know how that was anyone’s favorite!
DylanSelf 6 months ago
I give them points for originality, but those look disgusting.
OlgaBagley 30 months ago
Those Selects Are Disgusting 😝🤢🤮
Snickers 30 months ago
100% similar. Bring on the turkey and stuffing.
Runeshaper 57 months ago
53% similar
53% similar to the most popular responses
EdCaf 66 months ago
Hint: just choose the "no" answer and you'll be at 100% similar every time.
EmBee 66 months ago
Prune whip. AKA Eat and Run.
daDoctah 66 months ago
The chicken-liver veloute with bacon in it sounds like it was inspired by rumaki, which was always my favorite finger food at an annual Christmas get-together I got hooked up with for a few years. (If I knew there was also water chesnut in it I know I'd be all over it.)

For those put off by Number 8, you might need to know that mincemeat doesn't actually contain meat in this country.
everett552 66 months ago
Every food item on this quiz looks disgusting... No thank you. Take out anyone?
CruiseGirl4Life 66 months ago
86% any food source that starts with meat crust pie, chicken livers in a casserole or whipping prunes will not turn out well 😝!
The Country Beef Pie meat crust could be the start of a delicious meal. The Beef could be infused with Taco seasoning. You could use Garlic Mash Potatoes for the filling and top it with chopped or minced onions. Throw some chopped parsley on the onions to add color, maybe shredded cheese. You may have something which will turn out well. A lot of flavor, texture and calories.
wanderer2575 66 months ago
If you can't get enough of these delicacies, check out the Gallery of Regrettable Food:
For those of you who don't feel like typing all that,you don't need to, just type Lileks.com and you're in! Scroll down on his home page, click on G.OR.F. you're in. I've been reading him for years, and G.O.R.F. is my fave page! His whole website is good!
Lucyneenah19701 66 months ago
73% similar. A lot of bad fods. I have a 1950's cookbook that has great recipes in it.
BrittReid 66 months ago
100% similar. Not eating or feeding anyone to my dogs.
BrownieMom 66 months ago
100% similar to the most popular responses
Luis 66 months ago
Those were some seriously grotesque creations for Thanksgiving. The Country Beef Pie would be better if the crust was made of bacon.
Warren 66 months ago
Cant believe I grew up with this crap out there. Never ate any of this.
Paul 66 months ago
I should never take quizzes like this when I'm hungry.
stephaniestavropoulos Paul 66 months ago
How did you manage to retain your appetite after taking this quiz?!?! If you don't mind my asking, after you took this quiz, what did you have a hungering for? What did you eat?
MrsPhilHarris 66 months ago
40% similar. No to anything with creamed corn. Not big on jellied salads. I like prunes but probably not whipped. Tongue is not for me.
Likewise, I stick out my tongue at tongue.
Did the tongue give you a good lashing after you refused to eat it?!?!
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