Only the biggest TV fans can match 10/12 classic episodes to the correct TV show

Today, we present you with: "The Challenge."

This is simple. We found a dozen extremely memorable episodes of iconic classic shows, and we need you to match them to the right series.

Here's the challenge: These episodes all have very basic names, titles that could apply to any show of any genre. That's why only true classic TV fans will boast the best sense of right and wrong, scoring 10/12 or better. 

If you feel stuck just take a moment to really think about the show options and the episodes that stick out most to you on classic TV shows. Like we said, it's simple, right? Good luck!
  1. Which show started with the episode "The Honeymoon"?
  2. Which classic show made its star endure "The Diet"?
  3. Which classic show comes to mind when you hear "The Haircut"?
  4. Which classic show memorably closed its fourth season with the black-and-white episode "The Interview"?
  5. Which classic show cracked us up at the wheel with "The New Car"?
  6. It was a rare spooky moment on which show when we watched "The Haunted House"?
  7. This riveting series concluded with the two-part episode "The Judgment":
  8. In the second episode of which classic series did we run into "The Derelict"?
  9. On which 1990s show did we watch the stars compete in "The Contest"?
  10. "The Apple" was a gripping episode of which classic show?
  11. On which classic show did we watch TV stars make their own movie in "The Producer"?
  12. Which classic show chilled us with "The Fear"?

Only the biggest TV fans can match 10/12 classic episodes to the correct TV show

Your Result...

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WILD 27 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Color Klinger impressed.

He's impressed, imagine how I am, when they were almost entirely guessed except for 4 or 5, out those 2 were episode titles I knew. The others just fit like The Honeymoon. The others were guesses. The one that I missed was The New Car. Before MeTV aired it, I hadn't seen the Odd Couple in about 40 years, so I didn't remember them "having" had a car.
Paul 34 months ago
I got 11 out of 12..It figures I missed the one I thought was right when
I should of taken more time to think.
CruiseGirl4Life 35 months ago
7/12 and those were all guesses. Actually the only episodes of any TV shows that were memorable for me are from the Twilight Zone. "To Serve Man", It's a Good Life", The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street", etc..
legion1a 35 months ago
Even while I'm watching a show, I rarely know the title of that episode. (Except for Perry Mason!)
6 of 12 did not hurt my feelings one bit!
But I do enjoy taking these little tests!
Jeffrey 35 months ago
You got 6 out of 12 --------That did not go quite as you hoped, huh?
MrBill 35 months ago
9/12; I was not a fan of Seinfeld, M*A*S*H or the Twilight Zone and do not know the names of these shows episodes that well.
MrsPhilHarris 35 months ago
8/12 That did not go quite as I hoped.
anthony 35 months ago
9/10 Just missed it.I Missed I love Lucy,MASH,and Lost in space.
anthony anthony 35 months ago
I mean't 9/12.
ndebrabant 35 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Color Klinger impressed.
Missed number 4.
teire 35 months ago
10/12, good enough for MeTV and Corporal Klinger.
cperrynaples 35 months ago
11/12! Most of these were obvious, either because the episodes were popular or the wrong answers were bad [honestly, who would ever describe Batman or Bewitched as gripping]. That said, I didn't know the LIS episode, so no perfect score [or soup...LOL!] for me!
stephaniestavropoulos 35 months ago
12/12! "Color Klinger impressed!"
I got the same score and the same quote as you.
Jon DIGGER1 35 months ago
So did I.
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