Pick: Which retro cartoon had the most rockin' theme song?

Is George of the Jungle still strong as he can be?

Image: Claster Television/Vitt Media International/NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Kids (and kids at heart) know: Some of the most memorable TV theme songs belonged to our favorite cartoons.

Is there one you remember fondly rocking out to when you were a kid?

We've combined popular cartoons of every decade below with theme songs that were serious jams. See how many others agree which toons will rock you!
  1. Pick the cartoon below whose theme song you think rocks the most:
     Images: Warner Television Distribution/NBCUniversal Television Distribution/Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Pick: Which retro cartoon had the most rockin' theme song?

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VBartilucci 34 months ago
Galaxy Rangers.

All other themes are pretenders to the throne
idkwut2use 34 months ago
I don't know that I can vote...I'd have to choose among

Garfield & Friends (the one that begins "we're ready to party," though the "friends are there" one grew on me...never heard it as a kid)
Rescue Rangers
Muppet Babies

...with Honorable Mentions for Scooby-Doo, Inspector Gadget, Pink Panther, Popeye, Flintstones, Jetsons, George of the Jungle, Simpsons, TMNT, GI Joe...ugh, there are other strong nominees as well...curse y'all.
BrianMoore 34 months ago
Where is the 90s X-Men theme song?
WILD BrianMoore 34 months ago
In the trash where everything from Marble belongs.
SpaceGhost007 43 months ago
Miss the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Saturday mornings were the best, back in the 1960's !
jerseyguy2468 49 months ago
I wonder if the people who picked The Archie's realize the theme song for the cartoon was not "Sugar, Sugar". The theme song looked like it was written in five minutes. It was the most popular but if people realized the correct theme, I don't think it would have scored as high. I picked the Flintstones but for those who chose Scooby Doo, I can understand. It was a good theme and actually my second choice.
WILD JoelFogelsanger 34 months ago
I chose Scooby Doo. By the way Sugar Sugar was co-written by a Montrealer (Where I've lived all 56+ of my years) named Andy Kim. He has a Christmas Show every Christmas to benefit The Montreal Children's Hospital. He had another hit in the 70s with Rock Me Gently. He has also recorded under the Pseudonym of Baron Longfellow.
Bob 49 months ago
The Ramones version of Spiderman
VBartilucci 49 months ago
If we're talking about themes from this wide a range, I gotta go with...

ScottBickford 49 months ago
You forgot Freakazoid, WHO RUNS AROUND IN UNDERWARE! :P
DavidWitt 49 months ago
Globetrotters theme was pretty good.....
Amalthea 64 months ago
To all of you people who chose The Archies..."Sugar Sugar" is NOT the theme song! THIS is:

VBartilucci Amalthea 49 months ago
Archie's FunHouse was a far superior theme.

All Hail the Giant Jukebox

theglovecleaner 68 months ago
George of the Jungle without a doubt. Underdog and The Jetsons get honorable mentions.
...and the Pink Panther the 😎est.
anthony 70 months ago
I wasn't sure if Sugar Sugar was the Archies theme song so I plcked.The flistones.But Sugar Sugar was the best.The year it eas #1 you couldn't get it out of your head.
Amalthea anthony 64 months ago
It's not. The theme is called "Everything's Archie" and is just a "roll call" of the characters. It's cute, but hardly "rockin'".
Lantern 70 months ago
George of the Jungle: "Watch out for that tree!"
The reason I remember that theme song so well is not because I liked the show that much, but that it aired Saturday mornings on ABC immediately preceding The Beatles cartoon, which I didn't miss for anything.
BrittReid 70 months ago
Jonny Quest
WILD BrittReid 34 months ago
A very unique theme for a cartoon show. They should have had that as a choice.
Lillyrose 70 months ago
I got 0% similar. The Jetsons is my favorite cartoon, and The Jetsons theme song is my favorite cartoon theme song.
Dawn 70 months ago
100% similar, I have never been part of the crowd. I feel so special.
Barry22 70 months ago
Picked Spiderman, but Jonny Quest theme was the best.
MrsPhilHarris 70 months ago
30% I picked The Flintstones but Sugar Sugar from The Archie's was a close second.
Dawn MrsPhilHarris 70 months ago
I picked Archie's with the Flintstone's being my second.
Amalthea MrsPhilHarris 64 months ago
"Sugar Sugar" was NOT the theme to "The Archies"! The theme was called "Everything's Archie".
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