Can you identify these TV shows by their Halloween costumes?

Can you unmask the correct answers?

Boo! It's that time of year again. Time for candy, cobwebs and pumpkin spice everything.

But our favorite part of Halloween is dressing up. Television characters love to slip into costumes, too.

Can you unmask these classic TV series? Try to match the image with the correct show. Ghoul luck!
  1. No clowning around! Which show featured these costumes?
  2. Recognize the room?
  3. This show had a monstrously good laugh.
  4. Who are the three kids under the sheets?
  5. It's a Halloween party once the limbo bar comes out.
  6. This '90s teen drama got dressed up.
  7. Which '70s sci-fi series featured this Halloween party?
  8. You shouldn't need a telescope to take a closer look.
  9. Try to place these trick-or-treaters.
  10. Where would you find this colorful scene?
  11. This quiz is about to get devilishly difficult.
  12. Putting the "Boo!" in "Peekaboo!"
  13. Don't lie if you miss this one. Your nose will grow.
  14. This superhero show had an episode set at a comic con.
  15. This show featured a young Shia LaBeouf as a mummy.
  16. Finally, this classic sitcom featured these two kids in its sixth episode, "Treat or Treat."

Can you identify these TV shows by their Halloween costumes?

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ValT 56 months ago
Please stop conflating Battlestar Galactica with Galactica 1980. They were separate shows.
Runeshaper 58 months ago
You got 13 out of 16
Smile and show off those teeth! You floated through this one like a ghost!
Rickey 59 months ago
You got 16 out of 16
Smile and show off those teeth! You floated through this one like a ghost!
EllisClevenger 69 months ago
You got 14 out of 16.
Should I be scared, I'm doing so well?
No, just thank MeTV, for an occasional assist with my memorry.
daprjake 69 months ago
Booo, did fairly Baaad 13/16. Have never seen Touched by an Angel, should have pciked up on Beverly Hillbillies by the set.
leebilly 69 months ago
#16 answer is Andy Griffith show, not Beverly Hillbillies show. Need new quizzes, metv not see my requests
Terrence 69 months ago
Two of them got me baffled................................14/16
EdCaf 69 months ago
Beverly Hills 90210 and MeTV/classic TV should NEVER be in the same sentence. I'm beginning to see a lot less 50's, 60's and 70's shows and more stuff like ALF and The Facts of Life...please don't go the route of TV Land!
RobCertSDSCascap EdCaf 69 months ago
I agree, but some Retromercials would be fantastic.
theglovecleaner EdCaf 67 months ago
They already have. It's inevitable.
MrsPhilHarris 69 months ago
Missed Beverley Hills 90210, Wonder Woman and Battlestar Galactica. Never seen any of them
ValT MrsPhilHarris 56 months ago
That's not a problem, because it's not Battlestar Galactica. It's Galactica 1980, which was an abomination. ;-)
daDoctah 69 months ago
Too bad they didn't include a still from the Star Trek Halloween episode ("Catspaw"). Like the dungeon scene with Kirk, McCoy and an unnamed skeleton chained to the wall, and Kirk addresses the doctor with "Bones...", looks at the skeleton and switches to "Doctor...."
Carrie 69 months ago
14/16 The two I missed had all shows I never watched
DIGGER1 69 months ago
15/16. I was bound to get at least one question wrong. I can't be a "Quiz-Wiz" all the time, you know what I mean, Vern?

B.T.W., I see that I'm not the only one who noticed the mistake in Question # 7, in which the answer was "Battlestar Galactica", when in fact it should have been "Galactica 1980", because the Halloween party scene showed both a Cylon in its original form "AND" a Cylon made to look human, kind of like in the 2004 "Battlestar Galactica" version, where the Cylons were made to look human so they could infiltrate the human colonists.
MrBill 69 months ago
15/16; I cannot believe I missed Touched by an Angel. I have seen every episode and do not remember Shia LaBeouf being on there.
Pacificsun 69 months ago
Tough quiz. If the character hint wasn't obvious, looked to the set design & lighting. If that didn't work, just guessed. And missed four!!
Lacey 69 months ago
ONLY missed one !!!! (#16)
How is THAT for a Liberal Education?
Lacey 69 months ago
You DO know that #7 is from Galactica 1980 and NOT Battlestar Galactica, right?
Pacificsun Lacey 69 months ago
Wow, you are a real fan!
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