Pick: Which character from The Andy Griffith Show do you think deserved their own spin-off?

The Andy Griffith Show led to two popular spin-off shows in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and Mayberry, R.F.D. And while it's a lot lesser known, they did give Goober his own TV movie, Goober & the Truckers' Paradise, which was expected to be the pilot for his own spin-off show that unfortunately never came to be. 

But there were tons of friendly faces roaming Mayberry who also could've become the center of their own show! With so many episodes in later seasons focused on Aunt Bee, ever wonder how Mayberry would've looked exclusively from Andy's sweet aunt's perspective? And what about Opie? What if Happy Days never was, and instead we watched Opie Taylor as a teen? And we don't have to even explain how much Mayberry fans would've loved a Barney Fife spin-off, perhaps following the deputy to big city life in Raleigh?

Then, of course, there are all the other characters in Mayberry that could've provided even more entertainment in their own spin-offs: Ever wish you could roll back up the hills with the Darlings? Or chase Ernest T. Bass to see even more of his antics? Or see what other characters Floyd the Barber encounters in his chair?

Here, we've broken out some of the most popular characters from The Andy Griffith Show who never got their spin-off shows. See how many Mayberry fans agree with you on who deserved a spin-off most!

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  1. Pick the character from The Andy Griffith Show who you think most deserved a spin-off show:

Pick: Which character from The Andy Griffith Show do you think deserved their own spin-off?

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DeborahRoberts 28 months ago
I'd have loved to watch Leon wandering the country silently offering bites of his peanut butter sandwich to strangers. Kind of a twist on Candid Camera.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 28 months ago
The Goober character had another "life" not mentioned. "Hee Haw" added Goober's Gas Station to their recurring sketches when George Lindsey joined the cast.
Snickers 32 months ago
100% similar. Of course Barney deserved a spin off.
RB 51 months ago
Couldn't vote. My choice, Helen Crump, wasn't listed. Nice, light-hearted classroom comedy, I was thinking.
Snickers RB 32 months ago
Sorry, but I never liked the Helen character. Liked the Miss Elly character much more.
Barry22 63 months ago
Barney becomes a cop in Miami and gets shot at in every episode.
AndrewHass 63 months ago
I think Barney deserved his own spin-off because it could have been interesting to see him been a cop/deputy in another town and having him interact with characters that might have been very different then the ones on the The Andy Griffith Show.
MrsPhilHarris 63 months ago
It was a toss up between Barney & Floyd.
DouglasMorris 63 months ago
I picked Opie Taylor!
Me too. I really didn't think any of the others would work outside of the Mayberry ensemble because I couldn't see a sufficient number of unique plotlines for them. Opie was about 14 at the end of the series, so a series on the young adult Opie would have somewhere to go.
TVJunkie 63 months ago
Only 20 percent of us have Floyd's back? Close your eyes and imagine an old school Barbershop with Floyd and Checkers Fred in Mayberry instead of Chicago.
TomTerrrific TVJunkie 63 months ago
I'm with you! I picked Floyd, too. And every week a customer comes in with a mystery that Floyd has to solve, Columbo-style. :)
Stephen 63 months ago
70% similar
I think The Darlings, would have made a interesting spin-off.
Lantern Stephen 63 months ago
I agree - I voted for them also.
They could've been the countrified version of The Partridge Family. With either Ernest or Otis as their manager. I know Otis was the town drunk, but maybe if he had a steady paycheck, that would sober him up.
Another thought I had would be Aunt Bee. She did own her own restaurant at one point, {even though it turned out to be a front for what, I can't recall now.} the show could be about her and her eatery. Or I don't know why, exactly, but I see Aunt Bee as either Sheriff, or the Mayor of Mayberry. You don't want to mess with her when she gets her dander up!
teire Stephen 63 months ago
Agree, they were the most spin-worthy.
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