Can you guess the show from its shopkeeper?

Try to separate storekeeper Sam Drucker from butcher Sam Franklin.

Classic TV shows love shopping just as much as we do, and in many sitcoms, shopkeepers played a prominent role in cherished TV universes.

Think you can guess a TV show just from the shopkeeper who appeared in scenes with its stars?

No refunds on your score, so take your time browsing all these shops! Good luck!
  1. Played by Frank Cady, Sam Drucker operated the general store on all these shows, EXCEPT FOR which one?
  2. Sam Franklin famously ran the butcher shop on which family sitcom?
  3. Paul Hartman played Emmett Clark, the handyman who ran Emmett's Fix-It Shop on which show?
  4. Bernie Kopell ran the Apothecary, a shop that a star on which sitcom frequented?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  5. This hardware store kept a certain TV teen whose dad owned it working overtime on which show?
  6. One star of this sitcom didn't own Hempel's department store, but she did dress its windows and once dated the owner:
  7. All this shopowner being shooed into his home had to do to go to work as a junk dealer was step outside:
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  8. This guy didn't run the Food Circus, but as manager, he did hire the star of this show to work there:
  9. One star on this show opened this gift shop called Over Our Heads and eventually adopted one of her young employees:
  10. It caught the star of this show by surprise when he learned the owner of Gary's Shoes was this woman named Gary:
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  11. When the stars of this sitcom found out the owner of their favorite dress shop was selling the store, they bought it up:
  12. Here's the owner of McConnell's Music Store with this star's grandmother Cora, who worked there as a music teacher:
  13. In the first season of this sitcom, a remote event at Del's Stereo Shop leads two employees to get caught up in a stick-up!

Can you guess the show from its shopkeeper?

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Hazel 62 months ago
Missed the first one. didn't read:(
CarrieMcCourt 62 months ago
12/13 Missed the Bewitched one
ForeverHappyDays 62 months ago
12 out of 13 I missed the facts of life one
JackyGraham 62 months ago
Perfect again, come on give me a challenge
MrBill 62 months ago
13/13; Fairly easy one for me. I had to guess on a couple but got those by process of elimination.
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