Can you find Marshal Matt Dillon's hat?

Which one of these Gunsmoke hats is Matt’s?

How well do you know the characters of Gunsmoke? Could you pick one out by their hat alone?

Here are 12 hats worn by various characters from the classic Western series. Can you find the one that belongs to Marshal Matt Dillon in just one guess?

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Can you find Marshal Matt Dillon's hat?

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DMZABO 3 days ago
There were different hats for Marshal Dillon over the years. The one that’s the choice looks like the one that’s used in color tv format. Matt had a different hat in the black n white episodes! Either way I love this show and watch it daily. My favorite episodes are those 1/2 hr shows. Early years.
JamesWagner 4 days ago
Please kill Gilligan's Island & Flintstone
cynkgreen 5 days ago
Sorry for the typos...hate that!
cynkgreen 5 days ago
His hat looked like one of substance uike some of the characters' hats which looked kinda thin & cheapyc.
Also his was always clean & shipshape!
texasluva 6 days ago
Sunday afternoon at the Westerns. You won't have Matt Dillon to protect you. Just some shear guts. This time it is Marlon Brando, Karl Maldon, Katy Jurado, Slim Pickens and others you need to keep eyes One Eyed Jacks (1961). There is some serious action in this bad boy. Take hold of yourself and sit back and enjoy.
Drama, Western
2h 21min
Video Quality: Best
RileyLong 7 days ago
These hats are pretty obvious to a novice gunsmoke fan. But if you happen to be a Ninja level Gunsmoke fan like myself you'd have to ask the question, "which season are we talking about"? Because a Ninja level master of Gunsmoke knows that the hats worn by Matt and Chester changed a few times in the early seasons. And "doc" had more than one hat depending on the weather.
JanFresh RileyLong 3 days ago
Yes! Thank you! That's exactly what I thought before I answered.
TheDavBow3 7 days ago
2nd try!! Best I've ever done on this type of quiz!!
TheDavBow3 TheDavBow3 7 days ago
Picked Harrison Ford's hat first
Geronimo 7 days ago
Got it on the first try
Good job!
horselady4tn 8 days ago
Got it first time. Watch Gunsmoke all the time. Never gets old watching a good western.
southernbelle 8 days ago
Yep, recognized the “big man’s” hat right away! Miss Kitty would be proud!
Cowgirl 8 days ago
I got lucky & found it on the first try.
MaryAnn 9 days ago
Took me forever, but I finally got it.
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