Only people obsessed with 1950s cars can get 8/10 on this quiz

And we'll have fun, fun, fun till daddy takes this Ford car away.

It's regarded as indisputable fact that some of the most beautiful cars came from the 1950s. Built strong, these collectible models fetch a pretty penny today from enthusiasts who prefer to cruise in one of history's finest automobiles. 

Whether you were into the tailfin craze or felt dazzled by all that chrome trim, there's no doubt that these were the chariots you'd choose to have awaiting you in any decade.

Here, we've gathered some of the most iconic classic '50s cars that will likely get the wheels turning in your head. Only a true car aficionado will be able to name all of these machines. Good luck!
  1. Here's an easy one that's also easy on the eyes. Remember what they called this classic Ford model?
     Image: Pinterest
  2. Then there's this early model of a Chevy classic that's still popular today. Can you name the model?
     Image: Pinterest
  3. This model was considered top-of-the-line for Cadillacs back in the 1950s but it's likely you recall its heavily redesigned '70s update better:
     Image: Ebay
  4. In the '50s, Buicks were a big deal, especially if you drove a design based on this model:
  5. Of course, if you were into Caddies in the 1950s, this was likely your dream car:
     Image: Pinterest
  6. This model was premiered by Chrysler in 1926, but then abruptly in 1954, the "Chrysler" was dropped from its name to help it compete as a luxury car. Can you name the model?
  7. Perhaps the most famous Chevy that originated in the 1950s was this famous model:
     Image: Ebay
  8. This classic Jaguar was the company's first new sports car in 8 years when it debuted. It was so popular that by 1951, it came in three different body styles. Can you pick out the correct model name?
  9. The Porsche 356 boldly tried to take the name Continental in the 1950s, only to be sued by Ford. Instead, they went with this name:
     Image: Pinterest
  10. Let's end with a car that only existed from 1949 to 1958. That's when Pontiac replaced its Torpedo line with this affordable model:
     Image: Pinterest

Only people obsessed with 1950s cars can get 8/10 on this quiz

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KevinHartford 24 months ago
Guessed wrong on the Porsche and the Jag but got all the rest correct.
moparedtn 24 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Beep-beep. You're a true car aficionado!
fivecents 43 months ago
10/10 ..... guess I know my cars better than my tv shows ..... lol
LeeHarper 65 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Beep-beep. You're a true car aficionado.

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