Only a TV expert can recognize 10/16 shows on the cover of 'TV Guide' in 1960

Cowboys and P.I.s and polka, oh my!


Images: TV Guide Cover Archive

Television sure delivered sixty years ago. What other year could give you both The Twilight Zone and The Flintstones — not to mention Barney Fife, Bugs Bunny, Ed Sullivan and Walt Disney?

Well, none of those icons are pictured below. Consider that a hint. These are 16 other hit series from the year 1960. 

You know they were popular because they all made the cover of TV Guide, that essential listings digest back in the day. Don't cheat and look at the TV Guide Cover Archive. It takes a true television trivia expert to even get 10/16 in the first try!

  1. Two great legal minds.
  2. He was one of three sons.
  3. Why is this man smiling? He was on a hit Western!
  4. Why so sad?
  5. Just a bunch of pals hanging out.
  6. Richard Boone is jumping for joy because his was was No. 3 overall.
  7. Robert Stack looks sharp.
  8. Does Elinor ring a bell on this cover from January 1960?
  9. There are actually two heroes from two shows created by Blake Edwards here.
  10. Recognize this "Jr."?
  11. June Lockhart was promoting this show in 1960.
  12. Connie Stevens and Poncie Ponce posed to promote this show.
  13. John Forsythe is getting his tie straightened.
  14. Who is this dapper gentleman?
  15. Which host is waving hello here?
  16. "Kate" and "Amos" are sharing a smooch.

Only a TV expert can recognize 10/16 shows on the cover of 'TV Guide' in 1960

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WGH 6 months ago
No Alfred Hitchcock cover? Seriously guys.
WGH 6 months ago

Not bad given I was born in 1966!
TheFanFromUNCLE 11 months ago
16/16. And I wasn't even born till '77.
Jon 23 months ago
16/16: It helps that I have all these in my collection.
rleary1 35 months ago
16/16 - Smile! You are a true TV trivia ace!
Lillyrose 42 months ago
11 out of 16. I love The Lawrence Welk Show! I hope that MeTV will air The Lawrence Welk Show! And The Ed Sullivan Show!
frances3agape 46 months ago
WooHoo - Finally ACED one !
Did have to guess No 12 Hawaiian Eye
dekane54 47 months ago
I imagine everyone did well on this one too. It's the best one I've taken today!
BubbaPacha77511 47 months ago
dang only 14 out of 16!!!!
btw the quiz would be more challenging if they didnt put the name of the shows star star in the pic.
bnichols23 47 months ago
They're too easy, I'm too old, or all of the above. Probably that.
BarbarajeanL 48 months ago
16 out of 16 and I remembered the TV Guides they were on WOW
MikeFranklin 48 months ago
15/16, missed Dennis The Menace. Looked like Beaver to me. Didn't realize Jay North had freckles.
Coreyray3 48 months ago
14 out of 16. The untouchables was such an underrated show.
a1k9 48 months ago
I would have aced this quiz if my finger wasn’t so quick on the button.
frances3agape a1k9 46 months ago
yes, the screen keeps scrolling but registers where you clicked
houli 48 months ago
Man I watched way to many reruns. Nick at nite was my go do in the 80’s and 90’s
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