Only a true detective can get 8/10 on this 'Hawaii Five-O' quiz

Answer all our toughest questions if you want to join Hawaii's elite police.

Among the sea of crime dramas that TV has known and loved, Hawaii Five-O remains an island for many reasons. From its colorful scenes on Hawaii's shores to the show's enduring run through a whopping 12 seasons, the show made a huge impression on TV viewers. In fact, the slang term "5-O" originated from this cop show.

Did you watch the original Hawaii Five-O through all 12 seasons? Then we suspect you'll have the answers to even our toughest questions regarding the much-loved series. 

Take the quiz below to see if you're a true detective who caught every detail — or if you should inspect the show a little more closely next time it's on the air.
  1. Who appeared in the most episodes of 'Hawaii Five-O'?
  2. What did McGarrett often say at the end of each episode?
  3. Who was the first major character to leave the show?
  4. Which show is the only crime show to run longer than 'Hawaii Five-O'?
  5. In which branch of the military did McGarrett serve?
  6. Who was McGarrett's nemesis?
  7. Which of these characters was NOT a detective?
  8. Who was the only person the Five-O answered to?
  9. In which category did 'Hawaii Five-O' win two Emmy Awards?
  10. In what year did 'Hawaii Five-O' premiere?

Only a true detective can get 8/10 on this 'Hawaii Five-O' quiz

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meilpong 19 months ago
I love watching Hawaii Five-0, it's my favorite too. I love the main character. I watch this series in the 1980's and never miss any episodes. I still watching it on MeTV+ at least there is one channel did not
forget the old Hawaii Five-0. Never be forgotten.

ehedley 49 months ago
Loved the show, and will still watch the re-runs
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