Only a true cowboy can name these TV Westerns by their horses alone

We show you a horse. You name the TV show.

Image: Sony Pictures

You need two things to make a Western: cowboys and horses. Every good hero deserves a majestic ride. 

During the golden era of the TV Western, in the late-'50s and 1960s, the horses were often as famous as the humans. They had their own toys and trading cards, too. They also had some wonderful names.

We're going to show you 10 classic horse "characters" from memorable Western series. See if you can lasso the correct show. Giddy-up and good luck!
  1. Let's start with two horses everyone should know: Silver and Scout.
    Image: The Everett Collection
  2. This is Buck. Do you remember who rode Buck?
  3. Cochise is a great name for a horse. He had horse buddies named Chub and Sport.
  4. Say hello to Razor. Who rode Razor?
  5. This here is El Loaner. Who would name a horse "El Loaner"?
  6. This horse is Gambler. Don't worry, he did not actually gamble.
  7. Coco is the name of this horse.
  8. Here comes Rafter with cowboy on his back.
  9. Ringo had a distinctive mark on his forehead. Where could you see Ringo?
  10. The horse on the right is Bingo. See if you can guess the correct show. If so, shout, "Bingo!"
    Image: The Everett Collection
Only a true cowboy can name these TV Westerns by their horses alone

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