Which popular catalog from the 1980s do you belong in?

From Spiegel to Lands' End, see where you fit in!

Catalogs were a legit craze in the 1980s because who had time to go to the store? We kid, of course, because the decade is known for rattling industries, and fashion was definitely not immune. Atop a recovering economy, there were imported goods taking U.S. shoppers by story, picking a third of the apparel market right out of America's pocket.

Enter the catalogs, which joined American shopping malls in being renovated by major brands like Sears to seasoned catalog pros upping their game, like Spiegel. It's estimated that in 1988, catalog sales exceeded $160 billion in sales. 

With such high numbers, it's likely you thumbed through a page or two to check in on the latest fashions back in the 1980s. Take this quiz and find out which catalog you would call home if web stores hadn't made the mail-order catalog virtually obsolete.
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Which popular catalog from the 1980s do you belong in?

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Wyatt 1 month ago
J. Crew - The Rapid Trendsetter lol
idkwut2use 1 month ago
You belong in J. Crew - The Rapid Trendsetter
Your sophistication is next-level, so we bet you turn more heads daily than folks turned pages of the J. Crew catalog in the mid-1980s - when the catalog helped boost company sales from $3 million to $100 million in just 5 years.
Runeshaper 6 months ago
You belong in JC Penney - Ahead of Your Time
Like one of fashion's most enduring catalogs, you're just a bit ahead of your time, which is the goal of fashion-forward people everywhere. Although the JC Penney catalog was introduced in 1963, it didn't make any money until the early 1970s.
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