How well do you know the women of Hooterville?

Test your Green Acres and Petticoat Junction trivia knowledge!

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Multiple sitcoms called Hooterville home. Green Acres and Petticoat Junction took place in the fictional town. The folks from The Beverly Hillbillies would stop by from time to time, too.

This little rural hamlet was the center for crop loads of comedy in the Sixties. Hooterville also featured some fantastic characters. Lets see how well you know the women of Hooterville!

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  1. Whose maiden name is Gronyitz?
  2. Match the Bradley girls to their respective hair color.
  3. What is the first name of Arnold the pig's "mom," Mrs. Ziffel?
  4. What is the name of Alf Monroe's "brother," played by Mary Grace Canfield?
  5. Which country is Lisa Douglas' homeland?
  6. What is the name of Oliver Douglas' mother?
  7. Who marries Steve Elliot?
  8. The Bradley girls form a rock band. What are they called?
  9. Sheila James (The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) portrayed the fourth member of this musical group. What was her character's name?
  10. This Petticoat Junction band of Bradleys released an actual single and performed on which television show in 1964?
  11. How many different actresses played the role of Billie Jo Bradley?
  12. Why did Bea Benaderet leave Petticoat Junction?
  13. June Lockhart joined Petticoat Junction after Benaderet's departure. What was her character's name?
  14. What is the name of Kate Bradley's sister, played by Rosemary DeCamp?
  15. What did Sarah Hotchkiss Trendell do in Hooterville?
  16. What was the name of the nosy neighbor and busybody played by both Elvia Allman and Virginia Sale on Petticoat Junction?

How well do you know the women of Hooterville?

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JDnHuntsvilleAL 10 months ago
Missed #9, but come on, she was only on the one episode.
EllisClevenger 12 months ago
You got 13 out of 16
Why you did mahvelous, dahling!
Missed #8, #9, and #14
JewelsChuck 13 months ago
13/16, 6-9-10 were the ones I got wrong. Not too shabby said Dear Abby. lol
Jeffrey 13 months ago
''You got 14 out of 16'' ------------Why you did mahvelous, dahling! I got #s 8 and 10 wrong!
hermanstein2015 13 months ago
5/16 But to be honest I don't really care for this show in particular. I'd rather watch the Beverly Hillbillies. But it was fun to try :)
RobertM 13 months ago
I didn't really know the answer to #14--I had a maternal aunt named Helen, so I just picked that name.
John 13 months ago
13 Correct. I misread #3. I can't remember Sheila James on the show, but I thought her character would have a unusual name like she did on Dobie Gillis. Question 10 was a complete guess.
15inchBlackandWhite 13 months ago
12/16. Oliver Wendell Douglass' mother was Eunice? Wasn't Mr. Haney's first name also Eunice?
Mr. Haney's name was Eustace.
ParkerPlays7641 13 months ago
Only watched green acres and still got 11/16
UTZAAKE 13 months ago
7/16. Not even .500.
4. Mary Grace Canfield always reminded me of disgraced hockey personality Don Cherry. So did Alvy Moore.
10. Blew this one real good. Forgot that television networks aren't in the business of promoting its competitors' programs.
mjmossa1960 UTZAAKE 13 months ago
Why was Don Cherry “disgraced”? Telling the truth isn’t disgraceful, not being able to handle it is.
TheDavBow3 13 months ago
11/16. Missed a couple easy ones I should have known. Been DVRing Peitticoat Junction lately. Funny and Pretty! 😉
Wiseguy 13 months ago
#3: In early episodes of Petticoat Junction Fred Ziffel refers to his wife "Ruth."
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