KISS' Alive! album was released 47 years ago. Were these songs on it?

The album was made up of songs already released by the band, but what songs weren’t heard live on this record?


On Sept. 10, 1975, one of classic rock's most influential bands released arguably its best album. 47 years ago, KISS released the Alive! album, sending the KISS Army into a frenzy.

Known for their makeup, costumes and ground-breaking pyrotechnics for the era, KISS gave their fans a front row seat to a bombastic concerts with Alive!, right from the living room couch. The album was recorded from a live concert that took place in Detroit during a 1975 tour.

We’re putting your memory to the test by asking: Do you know if these songs were on the original Alive! album? Take the hottest quiz in the world and find out.

Good luck!

  1. Is "She" on the Alive! album?
  2. Is "Shout It Out Loud" on the Alive! album?
  3. Is "100,000 Years" on the Alive! album?
  4. Is "Strutter" on the Alive! album?
  5. Is "Calling Dr. Love" on the Alive! album?
  6. Is "Detroit Rock City" on the Alive! album?
  7. Is "Rock And Roll All Nite" on the Alive! album?
  8. Is "Love Gun" on the Alive! album?
  9. Is "Black Diamond" on the Alive! album?
  10. Is "Firehouse" on the Alive! album?
  11. Is "Beth" on the Alive! album?
  12. Is "I Love It Loud" on the Alive! album?
  13. Is "Rock Bottom" on the Alive! album?
  14. Is "Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll" on the Alive! album?

KISS' Alive! album was released 47 years ago. Were these songs on it?

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Gunsmoked 10 months ago
11/14 Better than i thought i'd do. I wasn't a big Kiss fan but my friends little brother was and always had this album playing , must of picked up some songs subconsciously .
L 19 months ago
Many made it to Alive II. I saw them in 1977 when I was 15 (they were banned in Boston-not sure why) so had to go to Providence. First time I smelled marijuana (didn't try it). I'm short so I had to stand on the back portion of the chair sitting on my dad's shoulders and his arms around my legs. 14 rows from the stage. And yes those fire pots most certainly gave off heat.
bj1606 20 months ago
I bought this Double Album when it first came out Rock Bottom was my favorite actually seen them it wasn’t a big event maybe 300 people or so . That was a great summer 1976 13 out of 14
RichLorn 20 months ago
14/14 and ALL guesses. WOW! That's a first for me.
I'm leaving now to buy a lottery ticket.
Moody 20 months ago
Crashed & burned on that one! 6/14. I wasn't into KISS then or now.
MaryAnn Moody 20 months ago
I only got 5/10 and I WAS kinda into KISS. 😆
dmirarh Moody 20 months ago
You got 9 out of 14, better than I thought because I don't like them (but I like taking these quizzes).
quikcarve 20 months ago

Not a KISS fan. Jimmy Crack Corn…
oldmoe51 20 months ago
10/14 not bad since they were all guesses
JaredGanbarg 20 months ago

Not bad for someone whose parents were 5 years old at the time.
Wendy57 20 months ago
KISS was just a passing curiosity for me, but a true passion for my first boyfriend at State University.
Memories, Memories, Oh Sweet Memories 😌
Pacificsun David 20 months ago
I love that your avatar is Ward Cleaver!!
JHP 20 months ago
6/14 - or well - still loved the band - but my head was full of seals and crofts - boz scaggs - doobies - gerry rafferty - eagles - the who - and many more - like chicago
TheOnlyONE 20 months ago
14/14. As a fan of music, I have to say that was one of the easiest quizzes ever.
Wenatchee7 20 months ago
14/14 as a KISS fan I'd have to say that was easy.
Michael 20 months ago
A local columnist is grumbling this week that the Rolling Stone Record Guide from 1979 dismisses Kiss, and unfairly.

But this guy lives by the top forty.
Barry22 Michael 20 months ago
Rolling Stone always dismissed Kiss. But a few years ago when they were on another "Farewell Tour" did a big story on them. And it was pointed out by readers how Rolling Stone always disrespected the band.
MOT1970 20 months ago
Got 8, and only knew 1 that was from the album. Never was a KISS fan.
richardkel 20 months ago
11/14. Every last one was a guess. Recognized almost all of these songs, but I didn't have any idea whether or not they were included on the album.
JHP richardkel 20 months ago
we are in the same club
David 20 months ago
Kiss represents the critical cynicism of the musical industry that creates a strata or hierarchy that influences peoples thinking. Musical elitism that makes people feel good about not liking them. Are they comparable to Zeppelin or the Beatles or the Stones . . . well of course not. They were just fun.
JHP David 20 months ago
david - you threw a bullseye
David JHP 20 months ago
KingDinosaur David 20 months ago
I think this statement fits Nickelback, too.
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